Mechanic Dad Creates Hilarious Ultimate One-Of-A-Kind Diaper Changing Station for Twins.

Some men go to work in a suit others prefer to get all greased up in overalls underneath a car, working out what might have gone wrong with someone’s trusty set of wheels. Not only does this mechanic figure out problems with cars, but he also set to inventing something rather unique for the new twins who were on the way.
David Pike and his wife, Denise, were expecting twins. They already had two girls, so with another two babies ready to enter the family, it was time for some innovative thinking. He had a list of things his wife wanted him to buy in preparation for their new arrivals, and one item on the list appealed to his imagination. It was a baby change table, something he was sure they didn’t have with the first two babies. He wanted to create one, but needed to get around Denise with his unique plan.“I knew I needed to tread softly and go with another tactic; delay. The longer I waited to pick something out the more likely she would be more like, ‘Whatever, just find something and find something now,’” Pike wrote on Facebook page MotorCityMechanic.“Well guess whose evil planned worked plus it didn’t hurt having everyone online giving their opinion on the post I created lol. So, my process on projects is to think outside the box which typically means wandering up and down the aisles at Lowes and Home Depot looking for something to make work,” he wrote. What he created was something “out of the box,” unique, and cheaper than the usual change table. There have been plenty of interested people on social media too, as at least 3 million have viewed it. The table has everything that closes and shuts, and even includes LED lights for those late-night nappy times.“I get the biggest kick out of reading the comments people are leaving,” Pike wrote.“If we ever have one. This is the kind of changer I want,” was one comment. Another blogger wrote, “Ingenuity at best!!”In an update on the babies, Pike posted this: “Well 2 girls it is! Thanks for the prayers and support. Momma and babies doing great. One needs a bit of help with her breathing and is in the NICU but all is well. For those keeping track….that’s 4 girls!”The rather cool tool-kit changing table is sure to be put to good use after the diaper days are over!