Meghan Markle is being accused of faking her pregnancy

Meghan Markle has had a whirlwind 18 months. She got engaged to Prince Harry; got married to him in a lavish, fairytale-style royal wedding; became a Duchess and became pregnant with her first child (due in spring 2019, FYI). Oh, and she's found herself in the middle of a conspiracy theory about her pregnancy. Yes, you read that right. A number of social media users have taken to Twitter (with #Megxit) to claim that the Duchess of Sussex isn't actually pregnant and that she's, in fact, wearing a prosthetic bump. During the last few months, many people - us included - have enjoyed ooh-ing and aah-ing over Meghan's maternity fashion, and how glowing she has looked during her public appearances. Others, though, seem to have really over-analysed Meghan's midsection and, as a result, become convinced that Meghan and Harry are actually pulling a fast one on the rest of the world.


On Instagram @megxit there's a video showing Meghan getting out of the car, checking where cameras are, deliberately opening the left side of her coat to show a bump. She's not even subtle. It's embarrassing 

9:17 AM - Jan 24, 2019


Annie@Locoas with the#moonbumpwith 
Meghan Markle, I wonder if Harry's in on it with her or if she's keeping it from him too that she's faking her pregnancy. If he's not part of it with her, then they are sleeping in separate bedrooms.
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so Meghan's been an actress for 10 years. Now she supposedly wants to act like a pregnant lady & wear a fake bump. With all her money, she buys one that falls to her knees in public, inflates and deflates at whim??

 These idiots make me laugh!

niamh@NiamhftHemmings hayley@haycattell 
Is it just me or does meghan markle’s bump look fake? 
I have a theory that Meghan Markle actually isn't pregnant and they have a surrogate and no one at work wants to talk about it with me
 This is my Wednesday. 


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 A lot of people think she is wearing padding to make it look like she's further along than she actually is, they have a surrogate and don't want to make that public or Meghan is not pregnant at all and is faking it for some reason (unlikely). The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child this spring, with the mum-to-be recently revealing she is due towards the end of April or early May.