Russian 'Backfire' bomber splits in two and explodes into a fireball .

A video shows the exact moment the jet's fuselage buckles having bounced off the runway, splitting the aircraft in two 
Shocking footage has emerged of the horrific crash involving the fatal crash of a Russian nuclear-capable bomber which crashed north of the Arctic Circle in a blizzard, killing three of the four crew. The Tu-22M3 'Backfire' supersonic bomber was landing in Murmansk in low visibility when it bounced off the runway, breaking the back of the aircraft, sending the cockpit cartwheeling into the ground as the rest of the jet bursts into flames. The Russian Ministry of Defence insisted the jet was not armed at the time of the crash which happened on January  The pilot is helpless as his nose dives into the runway while the area behind the cockpit bursts into flames 
Military investigators have started the crash probe, and the Tupolev company that manufactured the bomber said its experts will join the investigation. Aviation expert Vadim Lukashevich believed that the crash was likely caused by a vertical wind gust that suddenly hit the plane before touchdown, according to the RIA Novosti news agency. The Tu-22M3 is a twin-engine supersonic heavy bomber built in the 1980s. Significant numbers have remained in service with the Russian air force, which has used the aircraft during its campaign in Syria. The Russian military has been using the Cold War-era bomber to attack opponents of Bashar Al-Assad's regime in Syria. The aircraft has also recently conducted training missions in Tajikistan, along with Tu-95 bombers targeting mocked up terrorist.Two of the crew died immediately in the fireball, a third crew member died later in hospital after evacuation from the scene
In a fraction of a second, the entire jet is consumed in flames, giving the crew inside no chance to eject