The city of Sabumca in Italy is selling houses for only €1!

The city of Sabumca in Italy is selling houses for only €1

Yep, you read that right. Imagine, giving the gloomy weather, dark morning and bitter evenings up to go and live in Italy. It sounds like the actual dream and we're sure many people have thought about just up and leaving. Well, this could be your chance because the rural city of Sambuca in Italy is selling the property for only €1! and anyone can buy one. If views of the Mediterranean, wine vineyards and sunny beaches off the Italian coast sound appealing then why the hell are you still here? It does come with a catch though (as everything does), and while you will get the house for €1; the contract comes with a clause that says you will have to put in €15,000 over three years to renovate the house (which honestly, isn't all that bad anyway). There is also a €5,000 security deposit that you have to put down - but it will be given back to you once renovations are completed. Many people left Sambuca to work in larger cities of the country, and that's why many of its houses are run down and in need of some TLC.10 of the houses have already been sold, so if you want in you better act fast. If you want more information on Sambuca, visit here.