30 Foods That Should Never Be Placed in the Refrigerator.

When you hear the word ‘tuna’ you may think, “Hey, it’s fish, I know that goes in the fridge.” But really, canned tuna should be put in the pantry or cabinet.
If you put it in the fridge, it is susceptible to rust. If you store it in a dry place, it can last up to five years! However, after you open it, you need to take it out of the can and store it in the fridge..
It’s ironic why bread needs to be kept out of the fridge. It will dry out! That’s right. In this case, the moisture isn’t the problem, but rather the fact that bread will go stale if kept cold. Though it can be frozen if it won’t be eaten right away if you will toast it later.

You say tomato, I say potato. Eh, I guess they both need kept out of the fridge. You may notice that potatoes are often kept in the basement or the bottom of the pantry. That’s because when kept in the fridge, it will become all mushy and grainy as the starches are broken down. Yuck!
You may like cool apples, but the truth is, they will last for weeks out on the counter. The too cool temps and humidity will cause the apples to ripen faster. Though, after a few weeks, it can be beneficial to keep them in the fridge. Or you can just eat them.
A nice trick with avocados it to ripen them in the windowsill. They will reach perfection as the creamy flesh sets. It will be the optimum consistency for guacamole. So give it a try, don’t make it hard on yourself by putting it in the fridge!
For the most flavorful, spicy hot sauce, don’t refrigerate it. The cold with sap away the flavour. Instead, store your vinegar-based hot sauce in the pantry for a natural punch!