5-year-old whose father passed away makes moving speech on why his dad is his hero.

Much like Old People's Home For 4-Year-Olds, Channel 4's popular reality show, The Secret Life of 5-Year-Olds never fails to spark a tear in our eyes.
Often we're laughing at the children's unflinching honesty, impressed by some of their enlightened insights and moved by the grief they shouldn't have to endure at such a young age. Five-year-old Samuel captivated our hearts when he revealed he lost his dad back in January 2017. The children were tasked with writing a speech dedicated to their heroes and Samuel took to the stage, explaining his dad was his favourite person. When he was asked where his dad was, he then pointed upwards, continuing: "In heaven. When he died, he wasn’t at home, he was in the hospital."Samuel revealed he didn't see his dad when he died, except for when he was in "a big box that wasn't see through."
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