'Assistant Dog' Helping Patient to Destress at Vet's Clinic is Going Viral.

Having a dull day? Here's some canine therapy for you. While the Internet is usually a murky place, it sometimes throws up the most adorable content. And the latest image to go viral is that of a 'doggo assistant' at a veterinary's, seemingly helping out a fellow patient. The image which was posted on Reddit by a subreddit called 'Eyebleach' has over 70,000 upvotes and has been going viral on Twitter as well as Facebook. The caption posted along with the image reads, "This veterinarian has a comfort dog assistant that helps sick dog patients know that everything will be alright".Whether the dog is a therapy dog or the vet's assistant could not be verified. But the internet exploded with reactions to the adorable image. Using animals in therapy and healing is slowly gaining acceptance as a practice. Animals have long been used in hospitals to calm patients and cheer them up. After the February school shootout in Florida last year, students attended sessions with therapy dogs to help them overcome the stress of grief of the incident before they could return to school.