Cleaning Couple Confronted By House Filled With 400 Bags Of Human Poo!

For some, the prospect of working alongside your other half sounds like heaven. For others, it sounds like hell. Either way, we can all agree that picking up 400 bags of human shit for a living sounds, well, shit. For husband and wife cleaning duo, Kenny and Leanne Elliott, such ungodly chores are all in a day's work. The couple runs two businesses together - Certitude Cleaning Services Ltd and Traumatic Clean-Up in Devon, UK, and specialise in crime-scene cleaning. Now, the Elliotts have shared pictures from some of the filthiest properties they have ever had to get to grips with. In the property where they found the 400 bags of festering human shite (no idea how they knew it was definitely human), there were also 270 cider bottles filled with urine. But they couldn't just dive right into their work, as they always have to be wary of dangerous objects such as needles. Fortunately, in this instance, the toilet was on hand to do the job it was made to do. Mrs Elliott, 48, said: "Sifting through items is the most difficult because whilst you believe that most people live in a safe environment, in our job we have to be aware of drug paraphernalia, which is sometimes not thought about when we are booked to carry out the work."A needle sweep takes time to protect not only our operatives but those in the refuse and recycling centre and at other times we come across the most unusual items."Like four-tonnes of rubbish out of one tiny flat or hundreds of bottles of urine and hundreds of bags of human faeces out of another property."Obviously, these are bodily fluids and need to be disposed of properly. In this case, the toilet was salvageable and we were able to empty the contents this way." Makes you wonder why they didn't fancy using the toilet in the first place. Just half a year after starting their business together, the couple were confronted by a property in Plymouth which had a total of 33,500 used needles inside. Mrs Elliott said it was like finding 33,500 needles in a haystack. She said: "We called the police in the end because we found a substance in there."The police said it was one of the largest amounts of needles they had seen in a property and we'd only been doing the job for six months."It's things like where they hide the needles, sometimes people think of the whole thing, but it's just the needle."When you say needle in a haystack, that's exactly what you're talking about."Mrs Elliott said the key to getting past the grimness is having a good sense of humour - and never drawing the short straw. She said: "Kenny's son Ryan, who works with us, picked the smallest straw and spent five hours discarding urine and poo."How do you cope with something like that? You make sure you don't pick the short straw."Normally, it's quite nice to have a parent who can sort you out with a job, but in this instance Ryan mate, you might want to think about getting on your bike