In NASFAT Mosque in Utako: The Chief Imam Asked The Congregation To Pray For Leaders/Visitors in person of Atiku and Saraki, The Entire Worshipers Said No! No! No!

Breaking news now In NASFAT Mosque in Utako: The Chief Imam Asked The Congregation To Pray For The Leaders And Visitors, The Entire Worshipers Said No! No! No! And they Left The Mosque In One Accord.
Then, I Asked Why? Behold Atiku & Saraki was the Visitors/Leaders In The Mosque. Wao! Indeed, Nigerians Have Taken their Decisions!!! This story thought me a lesson today. That lesson was we should never throw away our dignity and personalities all for earthly wants. If an election was to be conducted today in that mosque the result was too obvious. PMB will win hands down. However, who says this is not a microcosm of the bigger picture come February 2019. We were in that mosque. As the Imam was about rounding up the sermon I noticed security personals roaming all around and making way for the entrance of first Atiku. A few minutes later Saraki too came into the mosque. My friend we came to the mosque together was already grumbling. That why did we come to worship in that mosque to pray with this... Soon the Imam rounded His preaching and the Jummah service commenced. As the last Rakkat was observed and the Imam pronounced the Salamah. The Imam picked up the microphone to announce there are prominent people among us and there is the need to pray for them. Before the Imam could finish that statement it was as if a whistle was blown the entire congregations were moving out of the mosque at the same time. You could hear some people coming out saying Allah Kiaye. Over their dead body to pray for such persons. I just imagine what kind of embarrassment it was today. Even when I got to where we went to take lunch one of the eyewitnesses said The shout of Sai Baba rented the air when the duo came out of the mosque. My brother no be small thing o. A further affirmation of Buhari coasting to victory come February 2019. Desperate times with Desperate Measures, imagine a Nightmare dream of President Atiku, Senate President Saraki, Deputy Senate President Dino, House-Senate Leader-Adeleke, Speaker-Dagora what you will wake up get the Bible & Rebuke these Satanic teams that have blood in their hands with the sole Aim to destroy Everything in Nigeria.