You Can Now Buy Steps To Help Your Pet Onto The Bed!

You Can Now Buy Steps To Help Your Pet Onto The Bed
After reeling from the news that you can get a jumper that you can wear with your dog, or cover their bollocks in glitter, perhaps you're looking for a new way to improve the life of your favourite canine companion around the house? With that in mind, a company has devised an answer to the question that nobody asked. That question is 'what if my dog finds it difficult to get up onto my bed? 'First of all, if you're asking that question, either your dog is ill or old and needs to be seen by the vet, or your bed is massively too high. However, if you're still concerned, why not buy them some tiny lightweight steps to help them climb up?

Yes, that's right, you can buy little doggie steps to help your furry friend find their way into bed with you. After all, sleeping with your dog is supposed to be good for stress, isn't it? Well, maybe. These lightweight foam steps are available to you from online retailer Orvis for the perfectly reasonable and not at all ridiculous price of £159. Who wouldn't fork out 159 bones - see what I did there? - for a handy way to let their dog up onto a bed that it could probably get onto itself with minimal effort?. What do you mean you wouldn't?. No, you've got rocks in your head. Anyway, the website that this essential product is advertised on says of their stock: "These sturdy conventional-foam steps promise to support and solid footing for your dogs as they climb on and off of the bed or sofa."A great solution for older dogs with stiff joints or arthritis, or smaller breeds who cannot get on or off the bed without your help."This lightweight foam ramp is easy for you to move in and out of place, and the durable microvelvet cover removes easily for washing."In brown tweed. Each step has a 5" rise and a 6" run. For dogs up to 75 kg. 100% polyester cover is removable and washable." 
Ah, come on, it's for sickly doggos after all. Sickly doggos that could definitely sleep on the floor or on their own bed. Perhaps what we're learning here is that people will do literally anything for their dogs, and it's worth cashing in on it. Hang on a minute...That's not a bad idea actually. I wonder if people would buy an inflatable bubble that allows them to take their cat in the shower?