Family Sees News of Baby Abandoned at Clinic and Gets a Call to Adopt Him.

When a woman in Oklahoma learned of an abandoned baby on the news, she asked her husband if he thought the baby was theirs, as they had arranged to adopt. “I doubt it,” was his reply. Little did they know what was going to happen when they were told to go to the adoption agency as soon as possible. In November 2014, Amy and Todd were planning to go to the lake for Thanksgiving after moving to Tulsa from Pittsburgh the month prior when they got a call from the adoption agency.

Harmonia Rosales Artist who received backlash for painting God as a black woman!

If you are familiar with Michelangelo’s masterpiece, “The Creation of Adam”, you would agree that it is one of the most famous works of art ever created. But when an Afro-Cuban, Chicago-based painter, Harmonia Rosales, painted her own version of Michelangelo’s work in 2017, reimagining God and the First Man as black women, she received a lot of backlashes.

SA’s historic and colourful Muslim neighbourhood now a heritage site.

For four years, residents of South Africa’s oldest and colourful Muslim community, the Bo-Kaap, had been fighting for protection against new development projects that may destroy the area’s unique characteristics. Residents of Cape Town’s oldest surviving residential area, however, heaved a sigh of relief on Thursday when the City of Cape Town announced that the area would receive heritage protection.

Woman Warns Others Not To Rest Feet On Dashboard After Crash Left Her Without A Forehead.

A woman is speaking out to warn others about the dangers of putting your feet up on the dashboard after she was left without a forehead for two years. Gráinne Kealy was just 22 when a car she was in skidded on some black ice and hit a wall; her feet were propped up on the dashboard, over the airbag, and were forced back into her face breaking almost every bone in her face."My boyfriend at the time was driving us through Borris-in-Ossory in County Laois to do a bit of Christmas shopping and I had my feet on the dashboard.

Artist uses make-up and dead INSECTS to create show-stopping 'mouth art'.

Minnie's favourite look is this 'Save the Bees' piece. 'I found a dead bee in my Dad's studio at home' she said. 'Luckily I've never been afraid of insects, so I had no problem using him in a lip art'
An artist has racked up more than 50,000 Instagram followers for her incredible creations using her lips as a canvas. Minnie McGee, 25, from Leeds, stumbled into 'lip art' after she created a piece for her AS art level, in 2010.

Mum quits high-flying job to start business making waffles with her best friend.

The grind of the 9 to 5 was getting to mum of two Anoushay Butt. While working as an accountant paid the bills, she found it draining, unfulfilling and difficult to balance along with home life. But in 2017 a new spark entered her life - one of her oldest friends had just moved back to the UK and between them, they decided to make a change to their lives.

Change those clocks yet? You should've put them forward overnight.

HAVE YOU CHANGED your clocks yet?

Man with a science degree really, believes the earth is flat.

A conspiracy theorist from east London has outlined his far-fetched view that the earth is actually flat. India-born Safvan, 23, is a bilingual science graduate who holds some rather outlandish views about our planet. He is part of growing an online community that rejects the conventional wisdom that the earth is round much to the bemusement of everyone else.

Tourist Arrested After Officials Discover Drugged Orangutan In His Suitcase.

Tourist Arrested After Officials Discover Drugged Orangutan In His Suitcase
A man has been arrested at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali after quarantine officers discovered an orangutan asleep inside his suitcase. Conservation official Ketut Catur Marbawa explained Andrei Zhestjov, 27, had smuggled a sleeping two-year-old orangutan in a rattan basket placed inside his case.

Woman gives birth to twins 26 days after giving birth to her first child.

Woman gives birth to twins 26 days after giving birth to her first child
Bangladeshi woman Arifa Sultana welcomed her premature son in February of this year. Less than a month later she was rushed to hospital with stomach pains, where she later gave birth to two more children. Doctors failed to notice that 20-year-old Sultana had a second womb or that there was a pair of twins growing inside of it.BBC News reports that the gynaecologist who carried out the emergency C-section to deliver the other two babies was stunned.

Hanging on to your child's milk teeth could save their life in the future.

Mum sold her twin babies to separate families to pay off loan sharks.

A cash-strapped couple sold their twin babies to separate families for £13,500. The husband and wife surnamed Lan and Feng, pawned off their son and daughter just two months after they were born in September 2017.

'Chocolate cake hair' is the hottest colour trend for 2019.

'Chocolate cake hair' is the hottest colour trend for 2019, and it's absolutely delicious
There's nothing we love more than a gorgeous new hair trend. And as gorgeous as a lot of them are, sometimes we admire them from the affair because we could never really pull it off.

Lidl is opening a RESTAURANT.

Lidl is opening a RESTAURANT, and you'll eat in total darkness
Lidl has announced the launch of RARE by Lidl, a brand new Dine in the Dark

Bus Driver Saves Passengers After Taking Bullet in the Chest.

Several bullet holes can be seen in the driver's side window of a metro Bus after a shooting in beattle, on March 27, 2019. (Dean Rutz/The Seattle Times via AP)
A Seattle bus driver has been hailed a hero for driving passengers to safety amid a shooting spree despite taking a bullet to the chest.“This bus driver truly is a hero,” a Seattle Police Department representative said, CBS reported.

Mysterious Madeleine McCann abduction suspect who police never got to question.

It's been 12 years since Madeleine McCann disappeared but it hasn't stopped theories and new suspects emerging. But despite police exhausting dozens of leads and spending more than £11million over the last decade, they are still no closer to solving the mystery.

Mom Refused to Abort Baby and now He’s a 6-Year-Old Full of Life.

This is the amazing story of a baby born with his brain partially growing out of his skull. During the pregnancy, doctors feared the worst and suggested an abortion. The two parents staunchly refused. After they found a doctor who had experience with their son’s rare disorder, there was hope. Their little Dominic Pio Gundrum made it in the end! Now, he is flourishing! Little Dominic Pio Gundrum was born with a very rare disorder called encephalocele, a condition where part of the brain grows outside of the skull.

Toddler Fist-Bumps and Hugs a Stranger After Noticing She’s Missing a Limb Just Like Him.

(Facebook Video Screenshot | Colleen Miles Tidd)
A 1-year-old boy who was born with a congenital abnormality and a lady with a similar condition made an unforgettably unique connection upon meeting each other for the first time. Parents of three, Colleen and Miles Tidd, from Orlando, Florida, were aware before Joseph was born that he had symbrachydactyly.

Man Gets Down on Knee to Ask Little Girl to Be His Child after proposing to girlfriend.

When this young girl’s mom was all set to marry her fiancé she had gotten the proposal and the engagement ring the soon-to-be-dad had another plan to execute. Andrew Mast, 33, an Air Force sergeant from Ohio, had just proposed to his girlfriend, Tia Warner, 28, from Delmar, Maryland. Tia’s young daughter, Te’Kia, 12, was not about to be left out of the equation.

Mystery of Australia’s Famous Strawberry-Colored Lake Hillier.

Lake Hillier has a complicated address: near the coast of Middle Island, in the Recherche Archipelago, to the south of Western Australia. But it’s not to be missed. A Royal Navy explorer came across its 600-meter-long, strawberry-coloured charm in 1802, and visitors to the lake have been thoroughly seduced ever since. Visiting, however, is not quite as easy as it used to be, as the lake is part of the Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve, which is blanketed by a dense covering of Eucalyptus trees.

Beauty lovers go wild over new Game of Thrones-themed makeup collection .

The hotly-anticipated final season of Game of Thrones might not hit screens until next month, but for many fans, the quest of the Iron Throne has already begun thanks to the released of a new makeup collection themed around the popular HBO show. 

Girl,2, has 50-50 chance of survival after rare inflammation of the BRAIN, forced doctors to put her in a coma .

A two-year-old girl is fighting for her life after contracting flu which turned into necrotizing encephalopathy, a rare brain disease.

After global pressure, Burundi frees teenage girls detained for doodling on the president’s picture.

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The three teenage schoolgirls who were facing up to five years in prison after they were arrested and detained on charges of defacing pictures of President Nkurunziza have been released. The girls, who are all under the age of 18, were arrested on March 12 together with four other students including 3 girls and a 13-year-old boy who were later released without any charges filed against them.

An alarming 3,262 girls between 10 and 14 gave birth in South Africa in 2018.

The fight against adolescent pregnancy in South Africa does not seem to be ending soon, statistics have shown.

Nigerians are importing pizza from London! - worried Minister discloses.

As Nigeria is seeking ways to curb the unbridled importation of goods that

Husband Gives Incredible Comeback When His Mother Criticizes His Wife’s Housekeeping.

Father of three Clint Edwards has made a name for himself as the honest, hilarious voice of parents across America, writing blogs and books about how tough it can be to raise kids sometimes without feeling totally lost. Edwards has made some all-too-relatable confessions over the years, from his frustration that even churches don’t always have changing tables in the men’s restrooms to his difficulties figuring out how to explain her own health crisis to one of his young children.

Innovative Supermarket Uses Banana Leaf Packaging to Avoid Plastics.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will surely find a banana leaf packaging weird, but one Thai Supermarket, Rimping Supermarket located in Chiangmai, Thailand, decided that it can make a difference in the over usage of plastic.

Baker Creates Birthday Cake With Pimples You Can Pop!

Hey, does your 16-year-old son have a birthday coming up?

World's Longest Water Slide At Sea Includes Section Which Hangs Over Ship's Edge

World's Longest Water Slide At Sea Includes Section Which Hangs Over Ship's Edge
There's a high chance that if you're under the age of 50 then you've never really thought about going on a cruise before. However, the opening of the world's largest water slide at sea might just make you think twice.

Levi's Boss Hasn't Washed His Jeans In 10 Years And You Shouldn't Either.

If you're just about to throw your favourite pair of jeans into the washer, stop before you make a huge mistake. At least, that's according to the head honcho of denim giant Levi's, who insists you should never wash your jeans because it wears down the material.

Teen Fakes Being Rich On Instagram And Is Shocked By How Easy It Is.

Teen Fakes Being Rich On Instagram And Is Shocked By How Easy It Is
In a world where social media dominates our lives, we are given ever greater insight into the lives of complete strangers. They often seem infinitely more interesting than our own - whether those strangers are partying on yachts in the Bahamas or taking a private jet to the Maldives. But is everything always as it seems?

Engineer Invents Shelters For The Homeless That Retain Heat During Winter.

While enjoying the comfort and loving warmth of our home, we rarely think of people who are out there in the cold weather, without having a shelter or a blanket to keep them warm during the night. Most people feel sympathy for the homeless, but it is not enough to keep them warm. Actions speak louder than words. There are over 3,000 homeless people in France, and this winter, the temperatures were shockingly low.

Racist Catholic statue of white angel subduing a black devil raises eyebrows in Ghana.

A Catholic Church in Ghana has raised eyebrows for commissioning a statue described as racist for depicting a Caucasian angel subduing a dark-skinned devil lying under its feet.

California is named after a black queen.

History is interesting. The deeper one digs, the more likely one can find many possibly true stories and explanations for the same incident. Take the case of the origin of the name of the state of California.

US woman found out she was NOT black aged 70 when her African-American mother told her she was adopted.

Verda Byrd of Converse, Texas spent 70 years of her life thinking she was African-American
A 75-year-old woman who was adopted by a black couple when she was a young child waited 70 years before discovering that her biological parents were white. Verda Byrd of Converse, Texas says that she lived her life under the assumption that she was an African-American. The woman formerly known as Jeanette Beagle was born in September 1942 into a family of 10 children. When her father, Earl Beagle, walked out on the family in 1943 and her mother, Daisy, was severely injured after falling in a trolley accident, the children were removed from the home. Jeanette was then adopted by Ray and Edwinna Wagner, a financially secure black family in Newton, Kansas, and she grew up as their only child. The couple then changed the girl’s name to Verda Ann Wagner. Vera lived in a financially secure household thanks to her father, who earned a good living as a railroad porter. She was always regarded as a fair-skinned black child. My adoptive mother, Edwinna Wagner, never told me that she had adopted a white baby,’ she said.‘She took it to her grave that she had a white daughter.’ Byrd got married twice and had a daughter. In 2013, Edwinna Wagner revealed to Verda that she had been adopted, though she did not reveal anything about her real parents. That’s when Verda decided to search for her biological parents. She was shocked by what she discovered. I grew up not questioning birth or anything else because it was never told to me that I was born white.’ Byrd’s story is now the subject of an autobiography, Seventy Years of Blackness. She first revealed her story in 2015, around the same time when the nation was riveted by Rachel Dolezal. Dolezal is a former NAACP leader in Washington state whose life unravelled after she was outed as a white woman pretending to be black. Dolezal, who legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016, was charged last year with theft by welfare fraud, perjury and false verification for public assistance. She has said previously that she grew up near Troy, Montana, with religious parents and that she began to change her perspective as a teenager after her parents adopted four black children. She decided to become publicly black years later, after a divorce. The ruse worked for years until 2015, when her parents, with whom she has long feuded, told reporters that their daughter was born white but was presenting herself as a black activist in the Spokane region. The story became an international sensation, and she was fired as head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP and kicked off a police ombudsman commission. She also lost her job teaching African studies at Eastern Washington University. Byrd rejects any attempt to liken her story to that of Dolezal. She lied about her race,’ Byrd said. ‘I didn't lie because I didn't know.

National Geographic's Travel Photo contest.

National Geographic's 2019 Travel Photo Contest has kicked off, and there are already some pretty spectacular entries in the mix. Think extraordinary landscapes, inquisitive wildlife, sneak peeks into people's lives around the world, and jaw-dropping natural phenomenons; all captured in a whole host of creative ways. The competition is still open for entries but National Geographic has offered a sneak peek of some of the photos they've received so far. Here we take a look at 10 of our favourite ones, but be warned that they will give you serious travel envy...Think you have a photo that could be a strong contender? The contest is accepting entries until May 3 at 12pm (EDT).
Between Heaven and Earth.Two groups of climbers make their descent from the icy slopes of Huayna Potosi. For many, this is their first 6,000-meter peak, resembling an achievement of a lifetime. For everyone, their respective mountain to climb is different, but mountains like this one are no stranger to changing the way your mind works.The moment of recognition of this growth of physical and more so emotional stature is one of the rawest, transcendent, and blissful moments in my life, which is captured here.
Red Fronted Brown Lemur, Madagascar
While lemurs are endemic to the island of Madagascar, even within the island there are diverse habitats which are home to a number of species of lemurs. The red-fronted brown lemur is found in southwestern part of the island, in its dry lowland forests. It feeds mostly on fruits, leaves, and flowers - often leaving the comfort of the trees in search of seeds. 
Colorado River 
As is known, the Colorado River is very shallow due to the active use of water from it for agricultural purposes. And when it reaches the ocean in Mexico it is almost dry. Aerial shot was taken from a Cessna. 
We Ride Together, We Fly Together 
Participants in the annual Golden Eagle Festival, show off their skills. The festival is held in Bayan-Ölgii aimag, West Mongolia. The eagle hunters are celebrating their Kazakh heritage and compete to catch small animals such as rabbits and foxes. Eagle hunting has been practised in Central Asia for thousands of years, although nowadays it is preserved only in the Kazakh culture where the traditions are still alive and well kept.

Boy, 10, took own life after school bullies wrote ‘kill yourself’ on his tablet.

A 10-year-old boy took his own life after being told "kill yourself" by sick school bullies, his mum has claimed. Little Kevin Reese Jr, who was in the fifth grade, was reportedly a target of relentless abuse by cruel trolls at Robinson Elementary School, in Texas, USA.

woman helped her boyfriend understand anxiety with this amazing list.

We may be getting better at talking about mental health on a societal level but sometimes it's the one-on-one, intimate conversations that are the most daunting of all.

The stunning winners of a prestigious drone photography competition revealed.

It’s photography taken to another level. These are the jaw-dropping winning and runners-up still images in the SkyPixel 2018 Aerial Storytelling Contest, which attracted over 30,000 submissions from drone photographers and videographers from 141 countries. The grand prize winner in the still image category is Deryk Baumgartner, who used a Mavic Pro drone to capture a sun-bathed Mont-Saint-Michel in northern France emerging out of the fog, framed by ribbons of water.

A baby in South America was born with her own twin growing inside of her.

A baby in South America was born with her own twin growing inside of her
A baby in South America was born with her own twin growing inside of her. The infant welcomed to a mother in Colombia, was born in February of this year with her partially formed twin inside her abdomen. The unformed twin was still growing after the baby girl was born.

'Unwanted, unexpected and unsolicited': Boxer kisses reporter on lips during interview.

HEAVYWEIGHT BOXER KUBRAT Pulev has been criticised for kissing a female reporter at the end of an interview following his fight in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

MPs to debate reversing Brexit next Monday, after 5.7m people sign petition.

ON APRIL FOOLS’ Day, the House of Commons will debate an online petition that calls for the Brexit process to be reversed, which has gathered over 5.7 million signatures. The e-petition calls for Article 50 to be revoked; Article 50 is the clause that allows a member state to leave the European Union. The debate is scheduled for next Monday, 1 April. In December, the European Court of Justice ruled that the UK had the power to revoke Article 50, thereby halting its withdrawal from the EU.

'They had so much to give teenagers':Teenagers who died in the Tyrone disco laid to rest.

THREE TEENAGERS WHO died at a St Patrick’s Day disco in Co Tyrone were laid to rest today. Lauren Bullock (17), Morgan Barnard (17) and Connor Currie (16) were killed in an apparent crush outside the Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown Sunday night. Morgan Barnard’s funeral mass was held in Saint Patrick’s Church, Dungannon, at 10am, while Lauren Bullock was laid to rest following an 11am mass in Saint Patrick’s Church, Donaghmore.

This video game training device is helping stroke survivors regain arm movement.

File photo
SOME SEVERELY IMPAIRED stroke survivors are regaining function in their arms after sometimes decades of immobility, thanks to a new video game-led training device. When integrated with a customised video game, the device, called a myoelectric computer interface, helped retain stroke survivors’ arm muscles into moving more normally.

Woman makes a living eating Disney food!

Image result for Woman makes a living eating Disney food
In this day and age, it's fair to say that there are two things we're pretty obsessed with food and social media. One woman has managed to combine her love for these things, along with her passion for Disney, and turn it into a dream job.

22-year-old with Down syndrome pursues her dream of becoming a model.

Inspiration: Grace Strobel, 22, is breaking down the stereotypes surrounding Down syndrome through modelling and motivational speaking
A young woman who was born with Down syndrome is determined to transform public perceptions about the genetic disorder by pursuing her dream of becoming a model.

First black woman in the U.S. to own an indoor rock climbing gym.

“You know how to climb before you know how to walk.”Those were the words of encouragement from rock climber, Abby Dione, to people, particularly black women, who would want to make rock climbing a favourite workout or sport. For over 12 years that she has been climbing, Dione has used her journey too. Today, she is the first Black woman in the U.S. to own and operate an indoor rock climbing gym.
Image result for abby dione
This was after she had purchased Coral Cliffs Climbing Gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 2011. The gym was created as an avenue to expose more people of colour to the activity, Melanin Base Camp reports. Since the opening of Coral Cliffs, Dione has been using her space and experience to nurture climbers and help enhance diversity in the field. Climbing is currently growing in popularity across the United States, however, black women form only a small percentage of U.S. climbing members and Dione wants to change that.Related image
She has, therefore, launched numerous initiatives including the creation of a local youth rock climbing team and bouldering classes. Dione essentially wants to create “opportunities for people to meet and experience how powerful climbing could be. And doing it in a safe and fun environment.”Thus, in October 2017, she coached an introductory bouldering class at the first-ever diversity in a climbing festival, Colour the Crag. The rock climber described the experience as “a cool opportunity to instruct and mentor.”“I know a lot about climbing. I’m still learning but I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity and gift to teach and share it with people.”“I’ve been climbing long enough to remember when people would ask me if I was lost,” she said.

Image result for abby dione indoor climbing
Originally from Canada, Dione moved to South Florida to study oceanography, and that was where some friends visiting from Europe introduced her to rock climbing. She soon got hooked to the activity, she told a climbing clinic recently.“I’ve been at it for a while, not just consuming climbing, but selling it, too,” Dione said, stressing, however, that climbing consumption is not easy due to her location.“Having lived in South Florida for such a long time, I need to travel to climb,” she was quoted by The Catalyst.Image result for abby dione
And Coral Cliffs became the gym where she actually learned to climb, likening the situation to “buying the car your parents taught you how to drive in.”For over seven years, Dione has instructed so many young climbers, including those who have the skills they need to safely enjoy the sport both indoors and outdoors.“Dione trains everything from finger strength to core strength to maximum pull and pushes before jumping on something at her limit to see how it feels,” according to Melanin Base Camp. Most of the climbers who have been under her watch have gone on to achieve incredible climbing feats. However, Dione is highly concerned about “risk mitigation and crag consideration” which she believes has decreased among climbers.“Lots of people are not educated; how to protect nature, how to exercise Leave No Trace principles, how to treat other climbers,” Dione said. She, therefore, ensures that her climbers “build their confidence, understand the mechanics going on, and mitigate risk” when they reach the crag, reports The Catalyst. After climbing for over 12 years, Dione’s focus is no more on climbing projects while her approach to the sport has changed.
Image result for abby dione indoor climbing
She is now interested in “increasing overall strength and power, finger strength, and flexibility. Climbing is either pushing, pulling or hanging, and I’m more interested in doing incremental growth in each one of these areas,” said the Melanin Base Camp. Dione is also more focused on teaching than her physical climbing strength.“It’s not all about me anymore,” she said, as she can now “get anybody up something.”

US figure skater,22, slashes Korean rival,16, with her skate during warm up.

Lim's agency claims Bell (pictured after the incident) didn't apologize to Lim Eun-soo after the incident and instead continued to rehearse for her routine'
This is the moment that US figure skater, Mariah Bell, 22, slashed her Korean rival Lim Eun-soo, 16, with one of her skates during a warm-up session that sparked accusations that the American was intentionally trying to hurt her competition.

Man finds a 'dead MOUSE in his Coca-Cola can after drinking it whole'!

A French man was shocked to find a dead mouse in a can of Coca-cola after drinking the entire beverage on his way home after work.

UK’s First Black Female History Prof. Olivette Otele Has Cameroon Origins.

Image result for olivette otele
The United Kingdom just had its first black female history professor thanks to the Bath Spa University whose main campus is located at the Newton Park on Duchy of Cornwall land. The glass ceiling breaker in this regard is historian Olivette Otele who has Cameroonian origins according to the History Today news portal. The BBC describes her as a Cameroon-born academic who schooled in France but is currently teaching in the UK. Her Twitter bio reads: “Historian: British-French Empires-Slavery, Memory Legacies-African Diaspora (incl. North Africa).”In announcing the big news of her professorship she wrote: “BIG NEWS: my people, @BathSpaUni has awarded me a professorship and a chair in history.“May this open the door 2many v (too many very) hard-working women, especially WoC (women of colour), even + specifically Black women, in academia in general & in History in particular. In strength, peace and love my ppl (people),” she wrote. The university’s page on Olivette shows that she is largely a student of the famed French institution, Universite La Sorbonne, Paris where she received her first degree in Literature and History two decades ago. She went on to do her masters in history two years later, a Master of Advanced Studies or Master of Advanced Study, DEA in 2002 and her PhD in 2005. She currently holds professional membership of amongst others: Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (FRHistS), Executive board member, The British Society for the Eighteenth-Century Studies and Board member, Historians Against Slavery. She has co-authored a book and has a series of publications to her credit. Her personal statement on the university’s website reads in part: “Dr Otele holds a PhD in History from Universite La Sorbonne, France. Her doctoral area of specialisation was European colonial and post-colonial History.“It included examining questions related to the transatlantic slave trade, slave societies, identities and post-colonial societies in the Atlantic world. Her BA and MA training were grounded in British and American Literature and History.“Her current research centres around transnational history and in particular the link between history, collective memory and geopolitics in relation to British and French colonial pasts.“She charts and analyses the ways in which Britain and France have been addressing questions of citizenship, race and identity through the politics of remembrance. She also enquires into the value of public gestures, the meaning of public history and the impact of cultural memory.”

Uncovering the Mystery of Australia’s Famous Strawberry-Colored Lake Hillier.

Lake Hillier has a complicated address: near the coast of Middle Island, in the Recherche Archipelago, to the south of Western Australia. But it’s not to be missed.