Basejumper leaps from the world's highest waterfall.

Helmet-camera footage shows the moment a daredevil base jumper leaps off the edge of the world's highest waterfall. Pawel Jankowski, from Poland, jumped off the edge of Angel Falls in Venezuela, which is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 3,212 feet. The eye-watering video from his helmet shows him leaping off the rocky cliff and free-falling into the air, showing the steep rock face. He then pulls the cord to release his parachute and drone footage shows the incredible bird's eye view of the jungle below as he glides in the air. The daredevil lands into bushes and rugged terrain before he gets up, excitedly shouting up to his friends who are at the top of the waterfall. Mr Jankowski told Central European News: 'I was about 100 metres (328 feet) from the ground and prepared to land when it turned out that there was no place, it was overgrown with jungle'. 

He is part of a group of thrill-seekers, Dariusz Pachut, Dimitri Wika, Jan Wierzejski and Milosz Forczek, all from Poland, who are doing a world tour of the world's highest waterfalls, doing base jumps and abseil down them. 'The Slide Challenge' will see them become the first people to base jump of all of the world's 10-largest waterfalls. Mr Jankowski said: 'The project is the only one in the world so far. 

'Angel Falls is not a 'virgin waterfall' but every other is which means we will be the first group to climb and abseil and jump from them. He added: 'With starting such a project, the first waterfall had to be the highest one.' The group intend to achieve their goal of visiting ten waterfalls around the world within three years.