Best man faints, faceplanting the floor and knocking his TEETH out during maid of honor's emotional wedding serenade.

Suddenly, the best man topples forward after apparently fainting in the heat
An emotional wedding serenade was brought to an abrupt halt when the best man fainted face-first in the middle of the song. Guests at the nuptials in Snohomish, Washington were stunned when the man faceplanted the hard floor as the maid of honour sang for the bride and groom. Cameras captured the eye-watering moment the best man landed on his face, which was posted online on March 15. In the clip, an emotional maid of honour can be seen getting choked up as she performs for the newlyweds during the outdoor festivities. Suddenly, the best man begins to lose consciousness before falling face-first into the pavement, making a loud 'splat' sound. The music stops as onlookers rushed to the man's aid.
An emotional maid of honor can be seen getting choked up as she serenades the bride and groom during the outdoor festivities
The unfortunate young man hits the floor face first, knocking his teeth out
'Someone bring him water,' a person is heard shouting. The bride and groom look on in horror as guests gather around the stricken man, while others rush off to get help. Minutes later, the man is escorted away from the scene while holding a napkin to his mouth. According to Jukin Media, the man broke some of his teeth when his face hit the ground, but he did not suffer a concussion and was otherwise uninjured.