Gang of up to 10 teenage boys and girls punched and kicked Romanian mother, 34.

A mother-of-two was viciously attacked by a gang of teenage yobs because they 'thought she was Polish.' Anca Si Pitocin was punched and kicked to the ground and suffered severe facial injuries when she asked the group to keep the noise down because her children were sleeping. The 34-year-old had been removing items from her car boot in Doncaster when the teenagers launched the sickening racially-motivated attack on Friday night.
Ms. Si Piticii, who is Romanian, said she was attacked on her drive in Balby, near Doncaster, by 10 teenage boys and girls. She said: 'I was taking my things from my boot. They were passing on the street screaming and they started swearing at me.' I told them to keep it down as there are young kids sleeping at 11:30pm. One of the girls came towards me calling me all sorts of names. I told her to lower her tone of voice and keep her distance as [this was] my private property and I warned I would call the police.' That the moment they got angry and all jumped on me saying: 'You polish c***, you deserve a lesson!''They hit me with fists and knees in my face and head telling me to f*** off to my country.'
She added: 'I managed to escape and knock on my neighbors' door. He came out and tried to cool things down.' I ran inside my house to call the police. They damaged the fence and my friend's car that was parked on my drive.' Then they started banging on my door. After I heard them leaving I saw a black SUV speeding and took three of them and drove off.' Miss Si Piticii, who has two children aged three and six, were taken by ambulance to the hospital. She has since hit out at police, alleging they refused to take a statement for more than two days. She said: 'After so many hours the police failed to take a statement from me, just calling me 20 hours later saying that it was Saturday night and pubs are full and they cannot deal with my case. 'My only weapon as a single mother, to protect my young children is the police.' Why were 13-15-year-old kids were on the streets at that hour? Social services should get involved and take serious measures.' A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: 'Just before 11.40pm on Friday 15 March it is reported that a 34-year-old woman was assaulted outside of her home on Weston Road, Doncaster.' A group of youths is said to have become verbally aggressive towards the woman before assaulting her. She suffered injuries to her face which required hospital treatment.