Girl's Hair Goes Up In Flames After She Washed It With Petrol To Get Rid Of Lice.

Girl's Hair Goes Up In Flames After She Washed It With Petrol To Get Rid Of Lice
A teenager was left with severe burns after she was told to wash her hair with petrol in a bid to get rid of head lice. The 16-year-old girl covered her hair in petrol after a school pal told her it would kill the head lice, but she accidentally got too close to a heater and set herself alight. The girl, from the Erzincan province of Turkey, is reported to have 'wanted to take action' against the irritating problem of head lice, so spoke with a friend about it. The friend reckoned petrol was the best course of action, but after dousing her hair, the girl named Gozde K touched a petrol heater and ended up setting herself on fire. Local media reports state the girl's father, Erdal, heard her screams and rushed into the bathroom where he attempted to extinguish the flames with a towel. The girl was rushed into the burns unit of Atatürk University Yakutiye Research Hospital by ambulance. She was later transferred to the intensive care unit for treatment. As well as the serious burns to the girl, Erdal suffered burns to his hands while he was trying to save his daughter and had to be admitted to the hospital. Erdal told local media: "She used the fuel from our gasoline heater and somehow she bent down and touched the heater which instantly set her on fire."I covered her with a towel and called the emergency services, she was bleeding. They have carried out the surgery and we pray to God that she will survive."He has since set up a fundraising page and social media campaign to try to help cover the medical costs incurred by the incident. Head lice are very common in children and their families and are picked up through head-to-head contact. The NHS recommends attempting 'wet combing' using a special fine-toothed comb on wet hair with lots of conditioners on day one, then again on days five, nine and 13, before doing a final check on day 17. If this doesn't work you can get special sprays and lotions from pharmacies or some supermarkets which can be used to kill the bugs and their eggs known as nits. Whatever you do, don't use petrol.