Hockey Dad Plants Mic on 4-Year-Old Son During Game with Video, and It’s Hilarious.

Have you ever wondered exactly what’s going through your kid’s head during their soccer, baseball, or hockey games and practices? Every parent has seen their tots do some pretty hilarious stuff when they’re out learning to play a new sport. From lying down mid-game to running in the wrong direction, following their friends away from the action, or laughing at what seems like thin air, most moms and dads would give anything to know just what’s going on in front of them. One parent, though, decided that the curiosity was too much. So with the help of a wearable microphone and some basic tech skills, he recorded everything his 4-year-old son did and said during a hockey practice one day and the results were absolutely hilarious. Jeremy Rupke of Ontario, Canada, is a hockey coach and dad to 4-year-old Mason, who is just getting the hang of the game his dad loves too much. Curious about just what was going on when his kiddo was skating around during a how-to clinic, Jeremy mic’d up Mason and let the cameras roll and found out that 4-year-olds are thinking the same things the rest of us are!“I’m tired,” Mason says at one point, slowly falling to his knees and lying flat on the ice like we’re all tempted to do after a particularly hard day at work. From “one-two, one-two-one-two-one-two!” mantras muttered while trying to get the hang of skating to confusion over where he’s supposed to be on the ice, little Mason navigated the massive rink with a refreshing level of honesty most people don’t own up to. Thanks to the microphone catching him every word, though, we know that the hysterical little tot was willing to lie about needing to use the bathroom to check in with dad, pretend to celebrate like he’s in the World Cup, and figure out the hang of the dang game even when there were still 15 more long minutes left of the practice! If you’re confused by some of Mason’s mutterings, don’t worry his dad was just as baffled as you are.“I had a good laugh when he was apparently being held down by an invisible ‘old paint can,’” At the end of the day, though, Mason kept himself motivated with chants of “15 more minutes and be done and get a baby happy meal,” and his dad got the best gift of all watching his kiddo fall in love with playing the sport that he’s dedicated his life to coaching.