Man Gets Asked For ID While Buying A Bottle Of Water.

Remember as a teenager, waiting outside the shop for your significantly older-looking, hairier friend to hopefully get served? If it worked, it was Blue WKD's all around. Those days are long gone thanks to the Challenge 25 ID strategy, which has led to all kinds of crazy incidents - from parents buying booze being asked for their daughter's ID to Liam fuckin' Gallagher being asked for proof of age while buying cigs. The whole thing reached its peak this week when a 20-year-old lad from Lincolnshire was asked for ID while buying a bottle of water. Can't be having underage getting hooked on hydration, after all. Joshua Tacey pulled over at an Esso BP garage to grab his girlfriend Lizzie Turvey a drink as she was feeling unwell. However, when he took the bottle of Smart Water to the counter, he was left shocked when the cashier demanded he proved he was of age before he could purchase it."I laughed and the woman behind me laughed with confusion," said Joshua."I thought at first it was a joke but she was actually being serious, so I said: 'you're joking aren't you?' and she said: 'no, but I will let you off this time'."The reason he was asked for his ID is said to be because, in some retailers, it's the practice to refuse the sale of energy drinks to anyone under 16. In terms of the Smart Water and this is really grasping at straws apparently the product contains electrolytes, which are also found in energy drinks. Joshua was having none of this excuse, stating: "I just find it ridiculous that you have to show identification for water."I have heard [about people being IDd] about energy drinks but not water."It's getting really pathetic now, What if we had the really hot summer like last year and a kid walks in asking for water but can't because he or she isn't the correct age?"A member of staff at the petrol station told Lincolnshire Live that it was not common practice to ID people to buy water. He said: "We don't ID for water. Apologies, I will speak with her."