Man gets circumcised in hospital after being mistaken for another patient.

A man was circumcised in hospital after being mistaken for another patient
A man was circumcised in a hospital in the UK after he was mistaken for another patient. He was supposed to be having a bladder inspection. The incident happened last September at the University Hospital of Leicester NHS Trust, and it is believed that his notes were mixed up with someone else's. According to a 'never event' report, he went into the hospital that day due to having a cystoscopy. A 'never event' report is a list of serious mistakes that could have been prevented, and Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group just published theirs. As well as the man that was snipped without his consent, it also reads that a swab was left in a child's nose after surgery to remove a lump, and another patient was fitted with a hip replacement on the wrong side. According to the Metro, the hospital’s director of safety Moira Durbridge said: "We remain deeply and genuinely sorry to those patients involved, and of course we have personally apologised to each one."We are committed to learning and improving and have enshrined this work into our clinical priorities within our quality strategy for 2019/20."