The ‘Cheebab’ The New Cheese Kebab For Vegetarians.

A greasy kebab is one of the world's greatest treats if you're a meat-eater. Sure, I think many of us are admittedly slightly dubious about the level of actual meat content in them, but at 3am on a Saturday night, that's not what we're usually concerned about, let's face it. If you're a veggie, on the other hand, you might have to go for a portion of cheesy chips or some Quorn chicken nuggets both of which are great things in their own right, of course, but it's hardly like you have as much choice.No w, though, you can live the high life just like your doner-loving pals, thanks to the 'Cheeba' a new vegetarian kebab made from rotisserie CHEESE. The innovative creation comes from Roland Rüegg of Zurich-based dairy farm Natürli, which describes the product as 'the new, tasty, vegetarian kebab variant from Zürioberländer milk'.
Rüegg said the cheesy kebab has been a hit with customers since it was launched last year. We're not surprised, really.Rüegg said: "I had a hunch that kebab shops could offer something with cheese, and we also like to work on new recipes in production."From the initial vision to the first usable result, it took us about a year between the recipe and the production."The Cheeba has been around since May of 2018 and we've been overrun with requests ever since."Rüegg is adamant that the cheese kebab has not been designed to replace the traditional meat version, saying it's merely meant to be an 'alternative'.He explained: "It should just be an alternative for vegetarians. Which is why we've also made sure that the lab used for our cheese production is vegetarian-friendly.
"According to the Natürli website, the famed Cheeba is available to buy daily from a snack bar, restaurant and shisha lounge in Zurich called So Chill. You can also get them on Tuesdays and Sundays from Gossau Kebab House. A recent study, which appeared in the journal Ecology of Food and Nutrition, found that vegetarians were more likely to have lower self-esteem and see less meaning in life. But how can you be miserable when you know you live in the same world as a cheese-based kebab?