The Microwave Challenge is the latest online trend .

The gentle spinning of a microwave oven as it cooks your dinner is an unlikely inspiration for the latest internet challenge. But recently dozens of videos have been posted to social media sites which show people sitting on the floor with their legs outstretched and spinning in a circle as though they are sitting on a microwave plate. The challenge is that they have to turn the whole way around without moving their arms or legs, making it look at though they are sitting on a microwave plate.
It's believed the trend started on the social media platform called TikTok, which lets its users post 'really short videos' according to its website. Recently copycat videos have been posted to more well-known social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Most of the people posting the video play the same song in the background, Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji. The song features a dinging bell noise similar to one in a microwave. Twitter users have started to speculate whether or not the craze was actually started by K-pop band, EXO, who has been doing a similar move on stage since 2016. Other social media users have been left baffled by how people are managing to complete the challenge. One user, TyTy, said: 'How omg'.Chanel said: 'The microwave challenge has me confused yet satisfied'. The new craze follows the 'cheese throwing' trend from earlier this month which saw people fling slices of cheese on babies' faces and upload videos of it to the internet.