You must have this brand new product if you have blond hair.

However, up through the years, I have both played around with high lights, low-lights and balayage and currently, have a bit of an ombre situation going on. The problem?
The blonder bits of my hair not only feel more fragile and drier than the darker bits, but they also tend to lose their shine and look brassy a lot quicker. Now, normally, this would have me running to the hairdressers to try and remedy the situation, but lately, I have been testing out the brand new hair care line specifically designed for blonde hair by Kerastase Blond Absolu and I am happy to report it has made a huge difference to my hair!Yay!First of all, and most importantly my hair feels a lot less dry now, and there is definitively less hair coming off on my brush when I comb it outpost washing it. This is major as anyone who has gone blonder will no doubt tell you that their hair feels more porous and dry after than it did before. This, no doubt, is largely thanks to some of the new ingredients in the Blond Absolu series, such as hyaluronic acid, which fills and repairs the hair fibres from within and Edelweiss Flower extract, which is already much used in skincare for its anti-oxidative powers. My blonder parts of my hair also look a lot less brassy and yellow which I LOVE, as this is my total bugbear about having blonde hair.

The iridescent purple colour of the Bain UltraViolet is perfect for neutralising any yellow undertones. The packaging recommended working it into your hair and leaving for five minutes, which I did, and it really did make a difference. I alternated every other hair wash with the other shampoo in the range, the Bain LumiƩre, which is a more lightweight formula. The conditioner, Cicaflash, works much the same way, you leave it in for a few minutes for the best results, and I used this after every wash, as I generally need to use some form of conditioner on my hair to be able to comb it out without pulling my head off. I loved how smooth it left my hair, and according to Kerastase, this product will help restore the fibres of your hair and make sure it stays hydrated and healthy. Committing to the regime, I also used the Masque Ultra Violet hair mask once weekly, and am now officially hooked as not only did it do wonders for my colour and the shine of my hair, but it also left it feeling so utterly soft and nourished, I know I'll keep coming back to this mask forevermore. If you are prone to blow-drying or curling your hair (I never really have the time, unfortunately!), there is also a heat protecting serum in the range, and this leave-in serum can be used on both wet and dry hair, keeping it smooth and ultra-soft even when you expose it to heat. Tip: It is also a great one to have for the summer, as it will help keep your colour from fading in the sun!