A woman dumped a bag of puppies in a bin and people are horrified.

A woman dubbed 'heartless and evil' after she was filmed dumping a bag of puppies in the bin in Coachella, California has been arrested. 
Surveillance footage captured the moment a woman, driving a white Jeep, came out of her car with a plastic bag, opened a bin and looked inside before moving on and tossing her bag next to a bin that was overflowing with trash. The bag contained seven terrier mix puppies that were just three days old, according to investors with the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. The puppies were found by a man called John, who heard their cries when he was looking through the trash and took them to a nearby auto shop. John Welsh, a spokesperson for animal services, told Washington Post that the puppies were dumped in a sealed plastic bag - and had they not been found as soon as they had, they would have died.  "He just happened to be in the right spot at the right time," Welsh said. The head of animal services, Chris Mayer added: “There is no excuse for dumping puppies".This was a shameful act. Talking about the discovery, John told a local television station that when he found them, they were panting and in pain. “I was kind of in shock to see the way that she threw it,” he said. Carelessly, without emotion, like it was just a regular old bag of trash. They were later taken to a rescue centre, where they are being bottle fed.