Adorable Baby Bursts Into Tears After Realizing Dad Has Shaved His Head.

Eight-month-old Mason Carter Harris is the baby of the moment. But viral fame has come at a price for the adorable tot: he had to endure the alarming realization that his dad had altered his appearance. And how, you might ask? By committing the unforgivable sin of shaving his head! A minute-long video on Facebook, filmed by Mason’s mom, captured the moment that her husband walked through the door and gave baby Mason the fright of his life. In the clip, Mason sits placidly in his highchair as the freshly coiffed and dapper-looking Greg Harris Jr., 31, saunters in through the door of the family’s New York apartment. Allegedly, Greg used to sport a longer style and was keen to show off his shorter, trimmer haircut to his expectant family. Little did he know just how much the reveal would unhinge his sensitive baby son! Melissa Harris, 33, slowly pans from Mason’s chair to the side of the room. Enter Greg. As the baby’s father crosses the room towards his son, Mason turns his head and struggles to recognize the “stranger” approaching him. Greg ventures “Hi!” but Mason is not convinced. Staring upward with wide eyes and a thoroughly confused expression, the bemused baby slowly connects the dots. Finally clocking his dad, little Mason sees the short hair, acknowledges the change, and draws a steadfast conclusion: he doesn’t like it one bit. Once again, little Mason’s exasperation overwhelms him. He buries his head in his arm and succumbs to a series of heartbroken sobs. Melissa soothes her baby by repeating “It’s Daddy!” and her 8-year-old son Kayden echoes “It’s Daddy!” in an effort to calm his baby sibling. But Mason’s sobs can’t be subdued. Melissa can barely contain her giggles as Mason’s comically disproportionate reaction continues. Melissa, a teacher, was surprised and delighted that her video garnered so much attention online. “I didn’t expect any of this. Originally intended to share the moment with family and friends, the video has wowed them all by going viral. “Now its [sic] everywhere!” Melissa exclaimed. Since being posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the clip has received over 132,000 views. Mason has been dubbed by delighted social media users as “adorable,” and despite (or perhaps because of) his heartfelt sobbing, the family agrees. “Mason is such a charmer, fun and loving,” Melissa shared“He always has a smile on his face.”Here’s hoping that winning smile returned just as quickly as the tears arrived. But please, somebody, ban Greg from the barbershop!