Half Human / Chimpanzee - Genetic makeup of 12-year-old Angolan boy in dispute

The genetic makeup of a 12-year-old Angolan, a boy is now disputed by experts after his deceased mother allegedly told him he is the offspring of a human-chimpanzee love affair. 
The story made national headlines and has unleashed an outpour of generosity towards Augusto Dembo, 12, who now lives with his uncle and aunt in the capital city of Luanda. 
Although the young boy has become an instant celebrity, many experts dispute the claim that he is the product of the s*xual intercourse between a human and a chimpanzee.“S*xual relationships between humans and chimpanzees are fairly common in the region but this is the first time a pregnancy is officially reported, ” Dr Antรณnio Mendes of the Hospital Municipal do Luena doubted. Angola President Joรฃo Lourenรงo has already nicknamed the boy the “Angolan Miracle Child” as well as praising the young man as a “National treasure”, “a sign from God” and a “testament to the majesty and greatness of the Republic of Angola.” This discovery could even challenge the basic foundations of modern science,” has even commented on the current Minister of Science and Technology, Maria Cรขndida Teixeira. A spokesperson from the Parc national de Cameia commented on the news by saying that they sincerely regret the loss of Anita Dembo but also condemned “any inappropriate or s*xual acts with any animals in the park.” “Any s*xual interaction between employees or visitors of the park with animals is not encouraged behaviour under current park guidelines,” a spokesman for Parc national de Cameia told reporters. Can humans and chimpanzees mate and have babies? Is cross-breeding humans with animals possible? Will we see hybrid chimp-human babies in the future? Check the video clip above to find out the answer. As for the child’s mother, Anita Dembo, allegedly entertained an affair with a chimpanzee that endured for many years during her employment at the Parc national de Cameia where she has worked as a conservation officer since 1998.
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