Boy Left With Hole In His Leg From Spider Bite.

Bobby Cleary with his mum Emma Barnett. Credit: SWNS
A boy has been left with a hole in his leg after being bitten by a spider. Nine-year-old Bobby Cleary, from Essex, was initially told by his GP that it was most likely caused by a gnat, but within a week he was left with an inch-deep hole in his leg from the poisonous spider bite. Mum Emma Barnett, 34, said her son was bitten on Monday and that by Thursday it had become itchy and swollen, so she treated it with some Savlon and 'didn't think much more of it'.
But on Thursday afternoon, primary school teacher Emma got a phone call from Bobby's after-school club. She was told that her son was limping and the wound was weeping, so they dressed it and Emma arranged an emergency GP appointment. The GP confirmed it was a bite but said not to worry as it didn't appear to be infected. Bobby was given an antihistamine, pain relief and his leg was bandaged before he went home. The next day, Bobby was being looked after by his nan, who had to call Emma to tell her that his dressing was filling with fluid, so they headed to A&E. Emma said: "They dressed it again and gave him antibiotics so I felt better about it and thought that would be that."Thank goodness they knew what they were doing."However, over the weekend things went from bad to worse for poor Bobby and when his nan removed his bandage she saw the hole in his leg."I panicked, I've never seen anything like it," she said."It was clear it wasn't a gnat bite."The family went off to A&E again and this time Bobby was given an IV drip to help flush the poison out of his system. To complicate matters, when Bobby was a baby, he had bacterial skin infection cellulitis in his eye, which means he is more susceptible to developing serious infections, such as sepsis. So, for the next few months, mum Emma has to keep a close eye on him to make sure the wound doesn't become infected as this could then develop into sepsis. Emma says her son has been 'amazing' and is 'dealing with the entire thing in his stride'. Well, he's certainly handling it better than I would.