Bride speechless as groom's ex runs up onto altar in wedding dress.

If you were going to crash your former boyfriend's wedding, what look would you go for? It's not something we've ever really thought about but one woman who definitely has is the lady in China who did just that in a wedding dress. Wrecking your ex's big day is a one-off, to be fair, so it's understandable that she wanted to look her best. Footage that's doing the rounds online shows the ex clinging to the groom's arms and begging for him to get back together with her, all while his actual bride looks on in horror. According to the Daily Mail, the woman burst in and stormed the venue to plead with the groom just as he and the bride were about to kiss. The celebrant does nothing to calm the situation, saying "we have an unexpected situation here" and then adding "perhaps this is the reality of love".Eventually, the bride decides that she's had enough, letting go of the groom's hand and walking away in disgust.Fair.It's reported that the man at the center of this awkward love triangle ended things with his ex because they were too different.

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