Teenager loses his TEETH after smacking himself in the face with a skateboard.

A teenager in Bolivia has lost his two front teeth after a skateboarding trick went horribly wrong. In footage that has now gone viral, the youngster is seen attempting to perform a kickflip at a local park before his skateboard slips upward and smacks him in the face. The teen's teeth are then seen flying through the air in the shocking video, published Monday on popular YouTube page ViralHog. 
After the accident, the young man can be seen holding a tooth in his hand, appearing stunned by what has occurred. Facing the camera, he stands with his mouth agape while blood pours from his split lip. A caption beneath the clip reveals that the incident occurred late last month. Penned by the person who filmed the accident, the caption states: 'It was Wednesday, March 27, 2019. We went skating in the park... It was my friend's turn to do some tricks. 'In the first attempt of the trick, Rodrigo [the skateboarder] landed perfectly... but everything went wrong and the board shot up so hard, it completely busted his lip and removed two teeth.' The cameraman revealed despite losing two teeth, the skateboarder walked away relatively unscathed in comparison to others who have partaken in the dangerous sport. Last year, a 12-year-old boy suffered a major brain haemorrhage after hitting his head while skateboarding in Melbourne, Australia. And in 2017, a sophomore at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, died after falling from his skateboard in front of other students. the hat he and another friend subsequently 'took Rodrigo to get medical attention'.
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