Flipping amazing! Man makes an incredible leap over a swimming pool on camera.

A young man showed off some serious athleticism when he somersaulted over a swimming pool. In a video posted on Friday, the unnamed acrobat comes rushing to the edge of the pool wearing a tank top, shorts and sneakers. In slow-motion, he takes off in a leap and tucks his knees in as he goes end-over-end in a full somersault over the water.
He arrives on the other side, feet first, planting himself on the bricks with a solid thud with an only slight hop forward before ambling over to a table to grab his shades. The pool vaulter than jogs along the edge of the water towards the camera. The wording on the shirt reads: 'People are awesome.' With the shades now affixed to his face, he gets up close to the lens, points to his right eye and proclaims 'ay' before stepping back and taking the shades back off.