Grandmother is reduced to tears when her community replaces her stolen pension money.

This is the heartwarming moment a grandmother is reduced to tears after being overwhelmed by her local community raising money after her bag was stolen.
Pamela Hann, 87, had her handbag taken while she was shopping in Bromley, south London, three weeks ago and didn't want to admit to her family how much money she lost. In the bag was at least £200 - to pay her week's bills and cover getting her hair done - as well as precious family photos of her 80th birthday and her hearing aid. Her granddaughter, Kerry Hann, 39, set up a GoFundMe page imploring locals to raise money to try and replace what was stolen. Footage shows Ms Hann's granddaughter telling her: 'I've got something to give to you'.Kerry tells her grandmother how she put a post on Facebook to try and track down the stolen handbag but to no avail. Then she says: 'But, they've done a collection for you to replace your pension and get a new bag'. Ms Hann then says: 'Oh my god, never'. Her granddaughter hands over an envelope and Ms Hann starts opening it with trembling hands. Once she gets the envelope open and takes the money out she looks up aghast at her granddaughter who says: 'That's from the people of Penge and Beckenham'. Ms Hann then starts to tear up and turns away from the camera before her granddaughter says: 'Don't cry, give us a kiss'. While finding a tissue in her pocket, Ms Hann says: 'I don't know how they can be so kind'.Her granddaughter then says: 'Because not everybody's mean Nan'. When asked if she wants to say a nice message to those who donated, a shocked Ms Hann replied to say: 'I can't talk at the moment'. On Facebook, Kerry says: 'I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to my nan's pension replacement fund after her bag was taken last month.' My Nan would also like to pass on her gratitude to everyone involved. Please watch this video of me handing her your donations.' Kerry said the OAP had reported the theft to the police, but the case was almost immediately closed. She said of the theft: 'We think she was targeted but were not 100 per cent sure.' It had her purse in it. I asked her how much money she had in there and she said just her pension but I think she didn't want to upset us.' She was really upset, she didn't want to go out, but we're trying to encourage her to keep going out.'Kerry is still appealing for anyone who knows the whereabouts of the family photos. The GoFundMe page set up by Ms Hann's granddaughter raised £190 in 22 days. On the page, Kerry wrote: 'My Nan who is 85 had her handbag taken while out shopping in Bromley.' It contained her pension, glasses, hearing aid and some family photographs. 'We would love to be able to replace all that was stolen and hopefully have a canvas made of a similar picture that she lost in the incident. 'Please, can you help us cheer my Nan up and show her that there are caring members of the community out there just like her.'