Heavily Tattooed Man Who Had Genitals Removed.

Heavily Tattooed Man Who Had Genitals Removed Poses Nude
A heavily tattooed man who reportedly had his genitals removed has shared snaps of himself on Instagram. Adam Curlykale, from Kaliningrad, Russia, first started getting tattoos 12 years ago in a bid to cover up skin blemishes caused by cancer treatment. Eventually, more than 90 per cent of the 32-year-old's body was inked - including his eyeballs. Ultimately, this was not enough for Curlykale, who felt his nipples and genitals spoiled his body art and decided to have them lopped off. He has now shared a picture of himself.  Captioning the picture, he said: "I'm not afraid of people!"Curlykale first came to everyone's attention in 2017 when he appeared on the Polish TVshow, Second Face, where he explained what it meant to be 'null'.He said: "I belong to a type of people called 'null' which means that I'm an agamic person, but asexual doesn't mean that I don't have a drive."People from the 'null' community don't want to have body parts like nipples, a belly button or genitals which determine if you're a man or a woman."Last year, he acted on this desire to be nippleless/gibletsless, with local media reporting that he had to travel to Jardines Hospital in Guadalajara in Mexico to have the removal surgery.
Mr Curlykale reportedly went to Mexico to have his penis removed. Credit: CEN/Instagram

He said: "I always knew that I was different from the rest of society. My favourite colour, for example, has always been grey, in different tones, and that's why my current skin colour is graphite."I would say the fact you've chosen to have all your skin tattooed is what makes you different from the rest of society, Adam, rather than the fact your favourite colour is grey.
More than 90 per cent of Mr Curlykale's body is tattooed. Credit: Instagram
What you do with your body, though, is, of course, an individual choice, but lots of people seem to think that just because they like something they should get it permanently etched on their skin. Take Sam, for example, who recently appeared on Tattoo Fixers to get an 'I love anal' tattoo on her arse covered up... Sometimes, it's worth sleeping on it.