Stunning archive of Hollywood stars and LA gangsters reveals the high and low lives of the City of Angels.

A tattoo artist ink's another man's neck in the open-air on the mean streets of Los Angeles - tattoos in the city are not just for looks but also an important way of identifying friend from foe in gang warfare

Hollywood actor Adrien Brody - known for the Pianist and The Grand Budapest Hotel - poses in a fedora with his arm draped out the window of his car, Oriol wrote on Instagram: 'I did this one of @adrienBrody a few years back for Risen Magazine'
This LA fingers snap was taken in 1995
Kim Kardashian poses for Oriol in the mid-2000s
Hollywood actor Danny Trejo, Oriol wrote on Instagram: 'I did about 10 magazine shoots with @officialdannytrejo and a few #jokerbrand ads, I forget which one this was for. After a few shoots I noticed I always got good ones of him so I tried to take a bad shot of him and couldn't do it! He always comes out good'
Robert De Niro and Al Pacino for the 2008 film Righteous Kill, Oriol told 'The only time I fanned out was with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, just because I grew up watching their movies.'
Rapper 50 Cent, Oriol wrote on Instagram: '@50cent with the raging bull @lagunclub some years back for Rime Magazine one of the only Hip Hop magazines from L.A. Independently owned by my boy J Flores  We wanted to highlight the West Coast scene but showed love to everyone from every where, A lot of Times East coast mags stayed loyal to the east coast so we bright shine to our peeps here in L.A'
Oriol said he moved to Los Angeles as a teenager and later become swept up in the low-rider culture of car enthusiasts who are known to fit their cars with hydraulic suspension so that can bounce up and down
A man being tattooed in a parlor in Los Angeles, he has the city's name emblazoned across his back beneath the word 'Restless'
A low-rider car's suspension is slammed so low that its bottom causes sparks to fly through the air as it drives through this tunnel in the City of Angels
The skyline of downtown Los Angeles, Oriol said, 'L.A. is part of my DNA—it’s in my blood,' and there was nowhere in the world like it