Lady bursts into tears after boarding plane for the first time .

Apparently, it was the girl's first time on an aeroplane and the very fact that she was sitting in a machine which was bound to fly right up into the boundless sky scared the life out of her. She expressed her morbid fear in a rather dramatic and hilarious manner. She looked out the window, cried and perspired and shivered and just about did anything that made passengers sitting around her laugh. One of the passengers asked her why she was crying and she said she was crying because the plane wants to 'stand up'. The funny thing was that this girl tried to act cool, wipe her tears away and read a book. But still, her fear spoke volumes and she became all jittery again. The hilarious video was shared by a Facebook user named Baggio Udochukwu Baggio. In a caption shared alongside the video, the individual acknowledged that the lady's reaction to flying for the first time was better compared to other people.