Mother is slammed for admitting she plans to eat her three-year-old daughter's Easter eggs.

A mother has been slammed online after admitting her plans to eat her three-year-old daughter's Easter chocolate while she's away over the weekend. Posting on Mumsnet, a British parent going by the name of 'ChocolateEverywhere' explained that her youngster had been given plenty of chocolate over the Easter period. The mother admitted she felt like that was too much chocolate for a child of her age, and planned to eat it herself while her daughter was away staying with her father. Other parents were not impressed and said she should ask her daughter to share the chocolate, keep it in the fridge, or to give it away to a worthwhile cause. The parent took to Mumsnet to ask for advice and explained her predicament. She revealed her daughter had already been given seven eggs, plus the extra packs of chocolate that they come with; a Lindt chocolate bunny and lolly. She's expecting to receive a further six to eight eggs for her over the weekend, thanks to - three great grandparents, five grandparents, godparents and separated parents who all wanted to spoil her. I don’t mind her having a bit of chocolate or a handful of Haribo, and I’m pleased so many people love her and want to treat her,' she explained. 'But I feel that 13-15 eggs are too much for such a small child.' She went on: 'Would it be unreasonable to eat the larger chocolate eggs/chocolate and just leave the packs of sweets/chocolate that come from the inside of the eggs?'
I will be melting some down for cookies/cakes/ice cream sauce over the next week so she’ll get those too, so it’ll just be a bit.' She went on: 'I’ve got no Easter Eggs, so feel it’s only fair my dear daughter shares.' She also revealed she hadn't bought her daughter any chocolate, as she knew she would be given too much already. Some criticised the mother, reminding her that chocolate could be kept for a long time if preserved in the fridge.
'I wouldn’t eat my little boys Easter chocolates they were bought for him from friends and family as gifts, and are for him to enjoy not me. If I wanted some I’d just buy my own,' one mother admitted. She went on: 'She doesn’t have to eat it all now. My son is still eating his Christmas chocolate and has quite a bit still left. We just give him a little bit every now and again.' Another commented: 'I wouldn’t. Chocolate doesn’t go off in the fridge.' A third suggested putting the additional chocolate in the fridge to keep, saying: 'This depends on whether she actually knows about them. If she does, then do the decent thing and ask her to share. Remember also, chocolate can keep for a long time in the fridge, so there's no immediate hurry.' Others sympathised more with the predicament and suggested giving the extra chocolate to a food bank or other worthwhile cause.
A fellow parent wrote: 'Does she know about the eggs yet? If not then save some or donate to a food bank? If she does know, then tell her she can have them all spread out over a few weeks or share them? 'Next year maybe drop subtle/not so subtle hints about Easter egg alternatives. Like you say it's lovely she has so many people who care about her.' Some deemed the entire debate ridiculous, with one saying: I'm surprised you need to ask, but then I read these responses where people seem to view this as some sort of theft from a three-year-old! She went on: 'I would have thought your child's health and developing healthy attitudes to sweet treats would take priority. I think it would be bordering on neglectful to feed all that chocolate to such a young child. Another jokingly posted: 'I think it's your duty as a good parent to eat them for her sake.'