Police handcuff innocent 10-yr-old boy, assault black males for noise.

“He is a child.” “He is not resisting.” “That is not ok.”Those were some of the words from some onlookers who witnessed a 10-year-old black boy being handcuffed then led to a waiting police vehicle by Washington, D.C. police officers on suspicion of being involved in an armed robbery. According to NBC Washington, the 10-year-old’s detention came about after the police received a complaint from a boy about being assaulted and robbed of his phone at gunpoint by three boys. The information provided led them to detain the boy as one of the suspects. He was, however, eventually exonerated. DC Attorney General Karl Racine confirmed this in a news release on Friday after his office reviewed surveillance videos of the incident, NBC Washington further reports.“We are now certain that there is no evidence that the 10-year-old boy played a role in the armed robbery. He is totally innocent,” Racine said.“Typically, we do not publicly comment on any of our juvenile cases because District laws protect the confidentiality of all juveniles involved in the justice system,” he added. “But this is necessary because in the court of public opinion this innocent 10-year-old was deemed guilty and criminalized.”Racine, however, stated that the officers did nothing wrong with the arrest.“We owe it to the young victim of this crime to hold the people who hurt him accountable. We also owe it to the 10-year-old who was incorrectly identified as an armed robber to set the record straight,” he said.“I am speaking to you today to publicly exonerate this young person and to stress the importance of the laws which protect the confidentiality of all of the young people involved in our justice system both victims and offenders.”The victim’s mother, Chaquitta Williams, in the aftermath of the incident told WUSA9 how the incident affected her son.“It just destroyed him the whole night,” she said.“It was hurting me. There were so many people out there, I didn’t know what to do. My mind was just blown from the situation,” she added. “I see my son on the ground with three police around him at just 10-years-old.”