Russian belly dancer is jailed for a year for 'inciting debauchery' in Egypt.

A Russian belly dancer who was arrested after a video of her went viral has been sentenced to a year in an Egyptian jail for 'inciting debauchery'.Ekaterina Andreeva, who went by the stage name Johara, meaning Jewel, was sentenced at Giza Misdemeanours Court on Wednesday after authorities said she had been dancing without underwear on and working without a licence. It comes a year after Andreeva was arrested following a viral clip of her provocatively dancing on a boat on the Nile wearing a low-cut backless dress split up one side.
The footage was not taken lightly by police and they detained her on suspicion of inciting young people to disobedience and immorality. She is expected to appeal her sentence but the dancer is yet to issue a statement. Instead, Andreeva responded in an Instagram story on Wednesday. She posted a picture of her dancing with the caption 'my reaction on today's news' followed by a tongue out emoji.
Andreeva is from Perm Krai in Russia, but performed across the world as a belly dancer and often shared videos of her routines on social media. Addressing her 136,000 Instagram followers in February last year, Andreeva wrote: 'I'm finally out! My state of health is normal so do not worry about me! 'Revealing that she had spent several days in prison, she called the experience 'the worst days of my life'.She said she did not know the 'real reasons' why she was arrested, adding that 'those who are professional dancer know clearly my costumes are okay'.
Me and my lawyer ensure 100 per cent documents are done, we spend six months with my employer to prepare everything clean and right.' I know that my beloved husband did just unreal job from the Russian side and my amazing employer here in Cairo the same here. No words to thank you, all who were helping me'.It was the worst days of my life, but I'm out and JUSTICE TRIUMPHED, so it only proves that I'm innocent.' Egyptian prosecutor Hatim Fadl said at the time: 'Rules for the dance performance oblige the performer to wear underwear of any colour but beige. It was reported locally that Mrs Andreeva was banned from dancing while her case was reviewed.