The wedding dress trend that's going to be everywhere in 2019.

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Although certain styles will always remain timeless and elegant, there are a lot of wedding dress trends and fads that come and go. If you're currently on that all-important dress hunt and would like to experiment with something a little different for your big day, you might be interested to hear about this new, and rather fabulous, trend. Feathers are flamboyant, striking, statement-making all of which you might want to emulate on your wedding day, a pretty big occasion we think you'll agree. Some of the bridal industry's biggest names have been getting involved with this wedding dress trend and here are some of the stunning creations they've come up withThis isn't a look for everyone but if you're planning on an unforgettable ensemble, a once in a lifetime look, this trend might be for you. There is more than one way to approach this trend too - from feathered skirts to show-stopping bodices, there's a lot of different ways to get on board with this particular trend. There's a subtle way of nodding to the trend but you can also go BIG with it, something like the below...that skirt doesn't go unnoticed. It may not be something you'd have considered previously but considering all the gorgeous designs available, you might be tempted to try one of these feathered dresses on for size. A number of esteemed bridal designers have given this trend the seal of approval and they are the experts after all.