‘World’s Heaviest Kid’ Loses Nearly 200Lbs in Crazy Transformation.

By the age of 10, Arya Permana was so obese he was unable to move from his bed and could barely stand without the aid of his parents. Weighing more than 30 stone, which is about 420lbs, the schoolboy was so large he had to be given his own special seat on the floor at his school, and he couldn’t play with his friends or undertake any physical activity at all. The video shows the poor child at the height of his weight issues and follows him as he turns his problem around by losing a colossal 14 stones (196lbs) in weight after going on a strict diet and exercise regime. At birth, Arya weighed a normal 7lbs but it wasn’t long before his weight began to explode. By the time he was 13, his weight was dangerously close to the 30 stone mark and he was labelled the heaviest boy in the world by many media outlets around the world. At one point he was roughly the same size as six of his classmates and his health deteriorated to such an extent that he had to forego classes altogether. Unable to leave the house, he was forced to stay at home and play on his phone all day. Cut to a few months later and the effects of his transformation can be clearly seen in the video as he dons one of his old football shirts which now fits him like a tent. He can also be seen walking unaided to school and later in the video playing badminton with his friends, something that would have been unthinkable only a short time before. Watch Arya’s inspirational transformation for yourself.