Boy calmly plays on a swing while the neighbouring house goes up in flames behind him.

A boy has calmly enjoyed swinging on a playset as a neighbouring house burns to the ground. The short clip shows the child rocking back and forth on the swing as the property is engulfed in flames in Noyabrsk, central Russia. Behind him, a small crowd, including a few other children, gather just a short distance away from the house and watch the inferno. The boy appears unfazed by the fire behind him and continues to gain momentum on the swing. Toward the end of the video, the boy slightly turns to see the blaze, but he does not get off the swing and does not look worried. Some users commented on his indifference to the disaster behind him, including one who said: 'It's not even a mega-calm, it's scary, insensitive.' But there were quite a few who defended the child including local Tatyana Arye who wrote: 'And so what?! I also looked at this fire today and went on to go about my business. So the child looked and went to rock. And what was he supposed to do?' While Anna Akishina praised the boy for seizing the moment, including one who said: 'Man takes the opportunity. Since everyone is looking at the fire, the swings are free.' Meanwhile on Twitter others applauded him for his calmness during the fire. Maxim Fomin tweeted: 'A good boy with a strong psyche. Goes far in our difficult times. In Russia, it is very useful to remain imperturbable.' Some even suggested he would make a good test pilot in the future. During the fire, the building's structure partially collapsed, there was also a threat of flame spreading to the neighbouring properties. But firemen at the scene managed to defend nearby homes, according to local media reports.