Chris Evans Turned Up At His 20th High School Reunion.

Imagine the scene: you're all dressed up for your class reunion, about to go and see a bunch of people you haven't laid eyes on in 20 years.
Will they have better jobs than you? A more expensive car? A bigger house? Just the idea of this is enough to fill most with dread. Now imagine that one of your former schoolmates is a Hollywood A-lister who has just starred in one of the most successful movies of all time, Avengers: Endgame. Yeah, just think about it for a second. Well, that's what happened to the former students of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, when Captain America himself, Chris Evans, walked through the door.
And just to make sure everyone knew who he was, he had his own little name tag written out as well, saying appropriately 'Chris'.the event was being held at Conrad's Restaurant in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and one of the venue's managers, Donna Scott, said they hadn't expected him to come but he RSVP'd at the last minute. Speaking to, she said: "Many people wanted to take pictures with him. Everyone was pretty excited that he was there."But it wasn't just his old classmates who were pleased to see the Marvel hero, the staff at the restaurant couldn't believe it either.
Donna went on: "I know one of my waiters heard that [Chris] was in there. And [the waiter] has two young boys, so he purposely made a point to come into the room to ask if he could take a photo with him."Since the photos started doing the rounds online, fans have struggled to comprehend it. One person on Twitter joked: "Chris Evans is at his high school reunion imagine walking up in that place like yes hello I'm the movie star of the biggest franchise in the world how y' all doing what y' all been doing with ur lives."

chris Evans getting ready for his high school reunion to know he is going to be the richest one 
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Another said: "Could u imagine realising that you went to high school with a now famous celebrity and you go to the reunion knowing damn well they're not gonna show up and then they do?? Chris Evans deserves the world."A third wrote: "Chris Evans having to wear a name tag to his high school reunion will not be funny."Well played, Cap.