Company Creates Dairy-Free Ice Cream Made From Maggots.

Company Creates Dairy-Free Ice Cream Made From Maggots
Food intolerance has been on the rise in recent years, most likely because of the processes and ingredients used by the companies that manufacture various products.
Two of the biggest are gluten and dairy, which, if you suffer from either of them, means you have to cut out a lot of foods from your diet. Thankfully, there's a wealth of alternatives now that means you can still eat like a 'normal' person who's unaffected by said allergies. You can get milk made from soy or almond milk, bread and beer made without gluten, and just what we've been patiently waiting for ice cream made with maggots. Yes, you read that right. , and they've started making ice cream from maggots or, more specifically, the larvae of black soldier flies.
If you think that sounds kind of disgusting, it might help to know that the ice-cream doesn't taste like maggots. Rather, the company which is based out of the Cape Town University Of Technology process the larvae with other natural ingredients and then mix it with flavours in an ice cream machine. Currently, the company offer a variety of flavours, including chocolate, peanut butter and Christmas spices, all of which are quite strong flavours designed, presumably, to help you forget the fact you're licking crushed maggots. If you're wondering why you'd opt for ice cream made from larvae rather than, say, soy, there is, according to Leah Bessa, the head of Gourmet Grubb's product development a very good, altruistic reason for doing so."Insects are typically environmentally friendly and sustainable to farm because they use very little land, water and food to grow on," she said.
"They aren't at risk of climate change because you can grow them in a controlled environment, sort of an enclosed area. So you don't have the effects of drought and all those other things that are associated with climate change."And what's really great is that they produce a lot of protein and fat and minerals, by growing on what would typically be considered a waste product."If you're wondering what it tastes like, we can't tell you ourselves, but those who have stopped by for a free scoop have praised it as being similar to other dairy-free ice creams."It tastes pretty good," said one patron. "It tastes like ice cream should taste. A little bit more earthy, a bit more organic taste. But I'm pretty happy."With plans for the company to expand to the UK and USA, it might not be too long before you can try it yourself. We can't wait...