Dog Eats Envelope Containing £160 - Landing Owners With £130 Vet's Bill.

Ozzie ate £160 and clearly knows he had been a naughty doggo. Credit: Murphy & Co Veterinary Practice
We all love our dogs more than pretty much anything. The love is so strong that it endures despite the aggro they put us through from time to time; you try eating your partner's undies and doing shit in the kitchen and see if you don't find yourself kicked out for good.
But one doggo in Wales has really taken the biscuit, costing his owner's hundreds of pounds. Ozzie the Labradoodle took it upon himself to eat a very important letter delivered through the Wrights' letterbox in Llandudno, North Wales. The letter contained £160 in £20 notes and the nine-year-old crossbreed wolfed the whole lot down. Owner, Judith Wright, subsequently had to rush Ozzie to Murphy & Co Veterinary Practice, where Ozzie was given medicine to make him cough up the cash. As you can see from the picture, the twenties that returned were largely torn up, semi-digested and slightly brown. Judith and her husband Neil believe they will be able to salvage four of the notes from the Bank Of England, who reimburse damaged notes when at least half the note is still intact. This is just as well because the Wrights had to fork out £130 at the vets in order to get their naughty pooch to spew up the quids. According to The Sun, 64-year-old Judith said: "He has been known to eat other items before but never money."Someone owed us money and popped it through the letterbox, that's how Ozzie got hold of it."The vet managed to retrieve the notes along with a plastic money clip Ozzie had eaten the lot."A spokesman for the veterinary practice also said they had never seen a dog eat money before. But it wasn't all doom and gloom for the Wrights though, as Ozzie also coughed up some bits of carrot while he was at the vet's too so they got an £80 return and some veg for their money. The Wrights have since vowed to get a cage fitted around their letterbox, which may very well be a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but I suppose that depends on how often the Wrights get shitloads of cash posted through their letterbox. Most importantly though, Ozzie has come out of the costly incident unscathed and has vowed to never eat loads of money again.