Inside the giant inflatable unicorn park complete with a themed obstacle course.

Unicorn fans may want to update their bucket lists immediately because a giant inflatable unicorn theme park exists and it's as magical as it sounds.
The aptly named Inflatable Island is 4,2000sqm of gloriously colourful inflatables ranging from giant unicorns and rainbow slides to pastel-hued swings, towers and bridges. Oh, and for 2019 they're upping the ante once more, this time with the attraction they've dubbed UnicornZILLA.Not surprising as it really is a monster of an inflatable; think a gigantic unicorn-shaped offering which can hold up to 25 people. Meanwhile, thrill-seekers can get their fill at the epic obstacle course as large as eight basketball courts side by side, and filled with slides, bridges, swings and even human launchers and rock climbing! Seriously, it looks like an Instagram dream.UnicornZILLA isn't the only new attraction for 2019. The park will also be opening a brand new Sunflower Lounge right on the beach. There's pastel yellow EVERYWHERE from the sunflower-shaped parasols to the loungers and tables. In fact, for those who don't want to take on the inflatables or course, there are plenty of pink and purple beach bars where you can sip on cocktails or bask in the sunshine. Unfortunately, if you're planning to visit, you're going to need to get organised.

The inflatables park is actually located in Subic Bay - in the Philippines. (In fact, it's the biggest floating playground in Asia).Of course, if you are planning a trip to the sun-soaked destination you could include it as a day trip.It's pretty cheap too - tickets are P899 which is approximately £13 per person for a day's pass, but you can also opt for a one hour slot or half day session if you prefer.