Man Labelled A 'Monster' After Sharing Photograph Of His Chicken Nuggets.

A diner has been branded a 'monster' after he shared a photograph of a portion of chicken nuggets he had ordered.
Sameer Jafri from Louisiana posted the candid pic on Facebook. On the face of it, there's nothing too questionable, it's just a box of McNuggets and four different dipping sauces. However, it's not the content of the picture that's put the fear of God into people, it's what he's doing. Sameer posted the snap with the question: "Do y' all peel your nuggets?"Excuse me, Sameer, do we what? If you're looking at the picture thinking there's something not quite right about it, you would be correct. Rather than eat his nuggets like most do, batter and all, Sameer tears them apart, removing the meaty contents.

All that remains is the shredded batter, scattered on the cardboard box so sad. Since it was posted, the photo has been shared more than 19,000 times and has received more than 8,500 comments. And it didn't take long before people turned on poor Sameer. One critic wrote: "This turned me off nuggets."A second then followed with: "Where does this person live because the cops are coming for him."While a third person really didn't hold back, saying: "You're a monster.""That's disgusting," added another. But perhaps most shocking of in all of this disturbing mess is the fact that he is not alone in this practice. One supporter was full of praise, writing: "Hahaha naked nuggets da bomb."Another added: "I would leave half the batter on." Come on, make up your mind.
While a third was fully behind it, commenting: "I do the same thing."Now, maybe you're not a meat-eater, so the idea of killing a chicken and turning it into a deep-fried delicacy is disgusting no matter how you consume it. Well, this is 2019, and change is in the air earlier this month McDonald's launched its Veggie Burger in Australia. Joe Feeney, marketing director at McDonald's Australia, said: "We understand there's a rising demand for vegetarian options, and we always look to give our customers more of what they want."We're excited to be trialling the McVeggie burger in South Australia so our customers can give us feedback on it before we look to serve it up across the country."After the trial is complete in South Australia, Maccies bosses will have a look at the feedback and see whether they should roll it out across the country.