Man Leaves His Garden Gate Open And Gets 200 Strong Sheep Invasion.

There's nothing worse than having house guests turn up uninvited, so I can only imagine how annoying it was when one man had 200 of them show up in his back yard. Having made the vital mistake of leaving his back gate open, Scott Russo was shocked and confused when a shitload of sheep welcomed themselves into his garden and set up camp there. Scott, who lives in Lincoln, California with his family, had opened the gate so his daughters, aged four and five years old, could get a closer look at the animals - but he forgot to shut it. After recent wildfires, local authorities have been bringing herds of sheep to more rural areas to keep the overgrowth under control and reduce the risk of the fires starting again. Thankfully, Scott did what any right-minded homeowner would do in such a situation, and made sure to film the entire thing. In the video, Scott can be seen trying to herd the sheep out of his yard, as soon as it starts, we are made aware that he's way out of his depth with the intrusion. He and his wife, Erin, the start of sounding quite amused by the whole thing. Scott tells them to 'get outta the yard', but the poor little fellas can't really work out where the exit is. As cute as they are, they're not the brightest of farm animals, are they? Things start getting a bit hairier when even more sheep, obviously intrigued by the commotion, decided to join the party and start to make their way in.
Speaking to local news station CBS13, Russo's wife, Erin said: "They quickly shuffled in and before we knew it, in the blink of an eye, there were hundreds in here and we just didn't know what to do."Scott then changes up his tactic and resorts to heading out of the yard and trying to make the sheep follow. It does work to an extent. At this stage, Erin has jumped on the family trampoline and taken to waving a tambourine at the sheep in order to try and scare them out of the yard. The combined effort of the herding and the tambourine shaking eventually does the trick, and the massive group of sheep stampede their way out of family's back garden and into the land behind his property. Apparently, they left behind a nice sheepy aroma - doubt he'll be making that mistake again.