Palmistry of the Pinky Finger Can Reveal Your Personality, This Might Surprise You.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could classify everyone’s personality according to the size of their pinky finger? Impossible? Well, the Koreans have a thing or two to say on this.
From ancient times, people have classified others according to their personalities. There was the theory of the four temperaments sanguine (enthusiastic), choleric (short-tempered), melancholic (analytical), and phlegmatic (relaxed). More recently, psychology has developed the “Big Five” model of personality traits, where a person is judged upon five factors openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. There are also exotic and original personality tests like the Enneagram. There is also a totally different approach to this subject horoscopes and palmistry. In the past, these methods were much more popular than nowadays. But it looks like they are gaining popularity again. In South Korea, there is a new trend judging your personality based on the length of your pinky finger. Seems absurd? A report featured on MD Magazine shows how scientists have determined a link between the length of a man’s index finger, the ring finger, and how it can be indicative of testosterone levels and even his fidelity. So it’s best not to rule out any theory. Let’s take a look at what these interesting findings on personality have to say about ourselves, even if we take it with a grain of salt. Firstly, identify which of these diagrams applies to you:
Type A
If you are a “type A” person, you are probably humorous and funny, in that, people like being around you. You have great social skills and are expressive. The dark side of your personality is that you fear to be alone and don’t want others to see it, which results in presenting a false mask.
Type B
If you are a “type B” person, then you probably have a lot of secrets and don’t speak your mind often. You don’t show your feelings, even in intimate relationships. You expect a lot of others and can be disappointed when they don’t meet the standard you have set for them. But if you have true friends, you can do anything for them.
Type C
If you are a “type C” person, then you are a kind and generous soul. People often show you love and affection. You have high emotional intelligence and have no problem with communicating your emotions. You are not a fan of discussions or conflicts and tend to prefer to maintain a harmonious atmosphere.