Teen asks wrong girl to prom in now-viral video: 'Johnny, you picked the wrong house'.

Teen asks wrong girl to prom
A Nevada teen's proposal involving a box of doughnuts went seriously sideways when he tried to surprise a classmate at her house with his sweet prom invite and the wrong girl opened the door.
“Only I could mess up going to a girl’s house to ask her to prom,” Austin Mousa, 17, lamented on Twitter last month, sharing hilarious video footage that has since gone massively viral with over 2.5 million views. In the 26-second clip, the Henderson youth stands on the stoop of a private residence, a pink box of doughnuts in earnestly in hand when a teen girl in a t-shirt and shorts opens the front door and happily cries “Oh my gosh!”A shocked and horrified Mousa then spun around to look at his friend and accomplice in the mission, Johnny Pashales, who was filming the stunt, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.“Did we pull up to the wrong house?!” Mousa wondered as Pashales started cackling in the background.“No?! Who is this?!” the girl wondered.
“Johnny, you picked the wrong house,” an embarrassed Mousa whispered. According to Yahoo, Mousa had planned to ask his friend Hannah Maslak, who lives in the same neighbourhood but this clearly was not her.“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I’m really sorry” the teen continued, apologizing profusely.“It’s okay, I thought you were someone else,” the unnamed girl replied. In the days since, the legendary scene has since been shared over 38,000 times on Twitter, as commenters, naturally, had a whole lot to say.“Awhhhhh poor girl,” one user chimed in.“No way Hannah’s reaction was as happy as hers [though,]” another agreed.
“Should've just asked her he went through the trouble to get doughnuts and bother her. She looked like she wanted a date,” one offered.“Get this girl a prom date!!” another declared. Mousa, meanwhile, told Yahoo that he never intended for the promposal mission to go so sideways, or embarrass the girl in any way.“As we walked up to the house, I told [Pashales] to take out his phone and video the whole thing. As I knocked on the door, the girl that opened it was not Hannah,” the Coronado High School junior recalled in an April 30 interview. “At first, I thought it was her cousin or friend, but then quickly realized that we went to the wrong house.”“Johnny was dying laughing, while I felt embarrassed and shocked at what had happened,” Mousa continued. 
“At the moment, things were very awkward and embarrassing for everyone in the situation, but I had to realize that it was a funny, harmless mistake.”After attempting to make amends with the girl they accidentally bothered, the 17-year-old said that he and Pashales proceeded to travel to Maslak’s house to try the proposal over again and she said yes. After learning of the stunt’s initial flop, Maslak decided to knock on the girl’s door herself and bring her one of the doughnuts. According to Mousa, he asked the first girl for her permission to share the video before doing so, and she obliged under the condition that her identity remains anonymous. Now, the teen told the Reno Gazette-Journal that he and Maslak went on to have a great time at the big dance and that it feels “surreal” that his proposal fail has gone as far and wide as it has."It was funny, but I didn't think it was that funny for that many people to see it,” he said."I must have missed Parenting 101," his mother Christine Mousa, joked.