This meme perfectly illustrates the impossible standards women in our society are held to.

There are many stereotypes about how different men and women are, but this meme might actually have hit the nail on the head.
The new meme, called 'Every woman I know', illustrates all the things that women are supposed to juggle and achieve due to society's impossible standards, and contrasts them really effectively to the different pressures that men have to face. Comedian and musician Lana Moore kicked off the meme when she began tweeting about the stereotypical differences in men and women's beauty routines who are both in her life on Wednesday. In a tweet, she wrote:
How To Be Alone (by me Lane Moore) is out now
every woman I know: works out, meditates, starting a business, in therapy, 12 step skincare routine, mastered contouring and winged eyeliner, reading self-help books. every guy I know: used to use a 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash, but uses separate body wash now.
Daniel Foster✔@DanFosterType
Every woman I know: wanna own me, wanna stone me, or say that they're a friend of mine. Every man I know: standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.
swizz keats@iluvbutts247
every woman I know: basis for a successful series of children’s books, meticulous planner with brilliant attention to detail, treasure hunt mastermind, currently camping in the Ozarks.
Jesse Singal ✔@jessesingal
Every woman I know: PhDs in literary theory, sociology. zoology, and at least one hard science. Every man I know: Dead from an accident trying to open his refrigerator to get at a Bud Light Lime he won in a revenge-porn website contest.
every woman I know: drinks ACV, listens to inspiring podcasts, 4 kids in carpool, Dinner in instant pot, puts out, perfectly curled hair on a Tuesday. every guy I know: sets the new TP roll on top of the empty one instead of changing it, and pats themselves on the back.