Instagram couple are slammed for encouraging copycats to mimic life-threatening stunt.

A couple has been slammed online for posting an image of their 'wildest kiss' while leaning out of a moving train in Sri Lanka.
Jean and Camille, from Brussels, who travel the world taking photographs, shared the seemingly dangerous stunt on their Instagram account. The image sees Jean hanging onto the train with one hand while Camille leans out of the carriage to give him a steamy kiss - with one leg even raised in the moment of passion. It's believed her brother, who was travelling with the couple, took the picture. Critics have slammed the couple and the photograph, branding the stunt 'dangerous' and even potentially 'life-threatening.' 
The couple shared the snap from an April trip to Sri Lanka on their Instagram page, but it was quickly picked up and re-posted by other sites. The moment was taken while on board a popular train in Sri Lanka, which travels from Kandy to Ella and features stunning tea country scenery along the way. In their original caption, they called the moment 'one of our wildest kisses', and said it perfectly described them as a couple. They wrote that it was a moment of 'blind trust' in one another.
But critics slammed the couple, suggesting it was 'stupid' and risky behaviour. 'And this is how people die,' one commented, while another wrote: 'Wouldn't call this adventure, but stupid, risking life for likes on Instagram.' A third critic penned:'Another pic of people sacrificing themselves over a picture....ridiculous.' Meanwhile, another branded it 'foolish' and highlighted how people shouldn't encourage such pictures as people will die trying to get "pics for the gram.' 'This is literally how people are forever remembered as people who died posing for Instagram,' an infuriated person wrote, while a further added: 'Another pic of people sacrificing themselves over a picture.'
Warning of the dangers, one suggested they were concerned about 'copy-cat' style photographs and wrote: 'Problem is a lot of young idiots will try to repeat it now.' On the couple's blog, they describe quitting corporate jobs in London last year in order to travel the world. They officially started their Instagram in June 2017 as they travelled around South America on a five-month-long trip. They say they finance their travels with social media collaborations as well as some freelance work. 
It comes just weeks after fellow travel bloggers Kelly Castille, 33, and Kody Workman, 32, came under fire for posing on the edge of an infinity pool. The American couple, who currently live in Bali, staged the dramatic photo at the Kayon Jungle Resort in Ubud on April 3. The photograph shows Kelly bravely hanging off the edge of a three-storey swimming pool while kissing boyfriend Kody, who was standing in the water and holding her up by the arms, leaving her legs and torso to dangle freely. But a ferocious debate erupted beneath the photo, as concerned followers said the stunt looked 'so dangerous'. 'This picture is beautiful, but please don't do like this anymore, life is too beautiful than lost your life [sic],' one person said, while another commented: 'Why is the woman always the one risking themselves for pictures... never see a guy hanging over a cliff.''This is such a great pic but kinda scary how you're hanging off there,' a third said, while a further added: 'Oh my gosh was this not terrifying?!'