McDonald's Confirms It Will Stop Using Plastic Lids For McFlurry Packaging.

McDonald's has announced that it will be removing plastic lids from its McFlurrypackaging in all UK restaurants from September.
It will also stop using single-use plastic for its salad options, as part of an overhaul to the packaging of its UK menu. This means that all the main meal and side salad options will be served in cardboard containers. According to reports in Metro, all the cardboard used will contain at least 50 per cent recycled content, as opposed to the single-use plastic that is used currently.McDonald's said the changes will reduce plastic waste by a total of 485 metric tonnes every year - 383 of which will come from McFlurry packaging alone. This represents a huge step in the right direction to tackling plastic waste and pollution. Beth Hart, supply chain director for McDonald's the UK and Ireland, said: "I am delighted that today's news means we will be serving our much loved and new menu items in an even more sustainable way."Removing plastic lids from the McFlurry, and introducing new cardboard packaging for salads, will save nearly 500 metric tonnes of plastic a year. It's the latest step in our sustainability journey."We are committed to listening to our customers and finding solutions with our suppliers that work for them. This is the latest example of that - but by no means the end."The news has come after the chain also removed plastic straws from its restaurants, with customers now offered cardboard ones instead. Although most people realised that this was nothing but good news for the planet, some people were very unhappy about the move - with one particularly angry person starting a petition to bring back plastic. We're saving turtles, mate. Earlier this week, McDonald's announced plans to bring back Oreo, Maltesers and Smarties McFlurries.The news was announced to fans on Twitter, asking which flavour they're most excited about. The poll that McDonald's released on Twitter currently has over 32,000 votes - at the time of writing, 49 per cent of people have opted for Maltesers with 28 per cent choosing Smarties. That leaves Oreo narrowly in third place, with 23 per cent. All this could change though because there are still two days left to vote. The McFlurry line-up will be changing on 26 June, but if you can't wait until then, you can always visit one of the restaurants for the Aero and Mint Aero McFlurries that are available at the moment.