Mum's Amazing Reflexes Saved Her Son's Life As He Fell Off Balcony.

A mother was caught on CCTV saving her son's life thanks to her unbelievably quick reaction. In the split second, before her little boy fell from a fourth-floor balcony, she managed to grab his leg and pull him to safety, saving his life in the process.
The mother and son are seen waiting outside a door at the Monserrate construction company's office in the Laureles Colonial building in MedellĂ­n, Colombia, as reported by local publication El Espactador.In the video, the toddler curiously heads towards the railing, putting his hands out on what he thinks is a glass panel between the railings. He collapses to his knees and falls headfirst through the gap. His mother glances up from her phone, having only taken her eyes off him for a few seconds, before jumping into action - she leaps over and grabs his leg, pulling him back through to safety. It's not confirmed at this stage whether the child was injured in the incident, but the heart-stopping clip leaves you fearing for what could have happened had his mum not spotted him just in time. After the boy falls, workers can be seen running to the woman, helping her to pull the child back over the barrier. The delivery man, who can be seen exiting the lift with the two, runs downstairs, presumably anticipating the child has fallen down. The video was then posted on Reddit, with some users praising the mum and her reactions, with others blaming her for not paying attention. Others still said that she should sue the company for not making it safe enough. One person posted: "Considering that there should be either glass or rails... this is a lawsuit waiting to happen."Another said: "It looks like there should have been glass. At first glance, the mom would have probably thought glass too..."A third person was just happy everyone was safe, writing: "I'm impressed how quickly both the mom and the guy in the helmet reacted. The bike messenger thought to go down the stairs nearly by instinct. Glad there was a good outcome."